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For now I will overlook the more obvious question as to why he wanted “reform” in the first place – that’s easily summed up as 2 scoops of higher political aspirations, drowned in sticky sweet obligations to political contributors, and topped off with the creamy false premises that the private sector and competition always provides better services than publicly funded endeavors and perhaps a cherry of vindictiveness towards teachers unions – which he should now definitely view as staunch political enemies.

The reason he is pushing this legislation through now is to deal a deathblow to public education and unions while they are weak. Jindal is not a dumb guy. He knows it’s only a matter of time before value added gets tossed on the scrap pile history of good intentions gone awry. He knows charter schools and non publics don’t always do a better job educating students, and many times make their plights’ worse. He even has to suspect that many students that will say they are going to virtual schools will just use that as an easy way to drop out. That is why he wants to exclude those schools from testing or any comparative evaluation. His goal is not to educate students, but to destroy his political opponents and provide financial boons to his allies.

If you truly believed you were right about something thousands and millions of people and political enemies claimed you were dead wrong about, wouldn’t you embrace and relish the chance to prove them wrong?

Jindal is selling out the state and our children for past and future political contributions and a shot at the big time. Time is not on his side though. It’s only a matter of time before the education panacea in the form of unregulated charter and non public schools is shown to be absurd, but he will already have achieved his true political goals. And I’m sure by then will already have another handy scapegoat to blame his “failures”‘on. In fact, ALEC had probably already informed him of the next group he cam blame, so maybe we should just be talking to them?

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