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Bet You Didn’t Know it Will Be the Republicans That Come for Your Guns?

It won’t happen overnight of course, but in 10-15 years Republicans will be the ones pushing for gun controls, registrations, and confiscations of your guns – so enjoy them now while you can. I expect them to be very successful … Continue reading

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A Letter From John “Ivory Tower” White – Superintendent of Education for Louisiana’s Schools

An open letter from John White to the teachers and parents (aka dumb asses) in Louisiana: Louisiana teachers and parents, get your heads out of your collective fat asses.  It’s obvious that you are too obsessed with “adult issues” like salaries, jobs, … Continue reading

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If the United States is a Christian Nation, Then It Appears to Have Been Taken Over By Satan

Lately I’ve been hearing more and more people claim to speak for the Founding Fathers.  They claim that the Founding Fathers, in their vast and infallible wisdom, only meant for freedom of religion to extend to Christian based religions. (They … Continue reading

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