This is where Louisiana is going.

I suppose I should just accept it. My kids will probably do fine. My wife and I are both college educated with professional careers and while not in the 1% we’re not in the 47% either. I was concerned about everyone else’s kids and the future of my state but I can’t be concerned all by myself and make a difference.

Does anyone else care?

Is Louisiana worth fighting for?


Diane Ravitch's blog

In a brilliant column, Bill White of the Lehigh Valley News compares Governor Tom Corbett’s education policies to carpet-bombing of Vietnam. The goal nearly half a century ago was to “bomb Vietnam back into the stone age.” White says that Corbett is doing the same with public education with his program of budget cuts, charter schools, and voucher proposals, which have thus far produced layoffs, program cuts, falling test scores, and soaring class sizes.

It seems that the Governor’s goal is to drive parents out of public education and into charters or to demand vouchers to escape the mess the Governor is creating.

Charter advocates always say that charters are truly accountable because if they fail, they are closed. That is not the case in Pennsylvania. Once charters are opened, it is expensive and difficult to close them:

The state law is a nightmare. To revoke the charter of a…

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