I found a nine mile long school! Can you believe it?

I found a nine mile long school!  Can you believe it?
I topped my last record. I just found out White Castle and MSA West are the same school! No wonder MSA West doesn’t have its own sitecode.

Here is a school approximately 9 miles wide.  To get a sense of perspective, that little stream above it is the Mississippi river.  It must be hell getting to class with just 5 minutes before bells.

MSA West  57955 St Louis Rd, Plaquemine, LA 70764

Google needs to update its maps. This school has been operating at this facility for the past several years.


Dear Parents & Guardians of MSA Students:

Wow! What a wonderful start we have had this school year! With 1,352 students actively engaged in a quality learning atmosphere, we are once again headed toward phenomenal academic benchmarks. Many times I have used the phrase “MSA will become a shining city upon a hill,” and this mantra has truly come to pass.

If only we knew about this shining city on a hill except in rumors and legend?


White Castle 32695 Graham Street, White Castle, LA

I know i promised a school a day, but even crazycrawfish get tired now and again.  Tomorrow i pick on a new parish.