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Very, very nice post and comment by Michael Goldenberg.

Am adding this post to my recommended reading list. 🙂

Assailed Teacher

The “Obama Phone” lady is the latest viral video on the net. Here it is for those who have not seen it:

Not surprisingly, the likes of Rush Limbaugh have already jumped all over it as proof of Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment. One of my favorite comedic radio shows had one of the hosts ranting for 30 minutes about how the woman in the video represents the “entitlement” mindset common to most Obama voters. It is tough to see the planet on which these people are living.

The equation for Rush Limbaugh, the aforementioned comedy show host and the rest of their ilk seem to be the following. Obama is black. Therefore, most black people support him. In return, they believe they will get increased entitlements like welfare, food stamps, public housing and now, cell phones. The fact that black people have been slipping ever deeper into poverty since…

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4 thoughts on “Recommended reading

      1. It’s a program that needs to be ended not continued. I tell you, there are some real-life stories I could tell you about some folks workin the system. And yes, they are cringe-worthy.

        Why must you post from your phone, my little beignet?

  1. That can be said of many programs and tax breaks. The real people “working the system” are the corporate welfare queens though. They bribe legilsators, legally, that allow them to pay less in taxes which they spend on all sorts of wasteful things.

    i have children that keep we away from the computer most of the day. In this case i was just leaving Frankenwenie with one. 🙂

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