John White only knows better than black parents. . . apparently

Apparently John White does think he knows what’s best for children, at least if the parents and children are poor and black.

Maybe it’s just white parents that know better than him?

“To me, it’s a moral outrage that the government would say, ‘We know what’s best
for your child,'” White said. “Who are we to tell parents we know better?” – John White

Diane Ravitch's blog

Two months into the school year, the head of the Recovery School District abruptly fired the principal of Walter L. Cohen High School as well as several teachers and announced that he was turning the school over to a charter operator called the Future Is Now.

Students reacted angrily and protested the disruption in their school. They issued their own demands, which included the funds to repair the building, reinstatement of the fired staff and a full report from the charter about its record, its test scores, suspensions, police reports, graduation rates, attrition rate and other data about its performance.

The Future Is Now is a charter chain led by Steve Barr (formerly of Green Dot in California) and real estate developer Gideon Stein of New York City, who has been associated with Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy schools.

The following exchange of letters between Tracie Washington, a prominent civil…

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