Defunding public education

Thanks Dianne! I’ve been trying to get people to understand this since March. This method of defunding could result in schools getting zero dollars in state aid and it also applies to charter schools, not just vouchers! Not sure what the state would do when the calculation resulted in a net negative payment to school districts. Would they get sent a bill instead of an MFP check?

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Voters in one of Louisiana’s high-performing school districts are angry that their public schools will lose funding to pay for Governor Bobby Jindal’s harebrained voucher scheme, which sends students to backwoods fundamentalist schools that teach religious doctrine.

Jindal insisted that this could not possibly be true, that the vouchers were drawing money from someplace else, not from local taxes. Where does he think taxes come from? Is there a reserve fund in the bayou?

This blog calls him out for trying to hoodwink smart people. In fact, the schools of St. Tammany Parish stand to lose more than $2 million to satisfy the governor’s ideological wishes.

Apparently stung by a series of public meetings in St. Tammany Parish, during which school board members laid out the damage that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education agenda is causing to public schools, the governor “launched an offensive last week to say local tax dollars…

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3 thoughts on “Defunding public education

  1. Zero dollars? As in, there are zero students actually attending the public schools? Not likely in any event, but if it did happen, why would we need to keep funding public schools that had zero students?

    1. Actually zero happens at a 50% enrollment drop.  Then you make local districts pick up the tab for private schooling apparently. They still have to pay down any legacy school building costs, even for buildings that are now empty.  Charters get the buildings free to them, but not to tax payers who get left holding the bill, while the for profit charters pay out bonuses and dividends.

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    2. And guess what else? When charter, virtual, and voucher combined enrollment equals the same as traditional public schools, the funding per student will be about half of what voucher, charter, and virtual charters will be taking in – and that’s before you factor in the special “fees” many charters and non-public’s charge which often come to thousands per student, annually.

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