I’ve been trying to explain to people since last March that the vouchers and charter schools are funded in a way designed to destroy public education and public education funding.  While the Jindal administration is not taking local funding directly, what they are doing is taking a double helping of state funding.  This means that school districts lose approximately twice as much funding as they would normally get per student..  I built a graph to represent what will happen to per student funding in public school districts assuming no increase in state aid.  For this example I estimated an approximate five thousand dollar state and 5 thousand dollar local contribution.  This is fairly close to the average for districts in Louisiana.   Since local dollars are not dependent on student population i allocated a fifty million dollar pot of money for ten thousand total students.

When Voucher and Charter school population equals traditional public school enrollment, public schools are slated to get zero state dollars.

Note: My percents should read 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 instead of 1, 2, 3, but they are being difficult today.

This is not designed to be a level playing field.  This is designed to destroy public schools, and make private schools and charters very profitable.  This will also end up costing tax payers quite a bit more money to sustain. Many charter school operators get to take over school buildings being paid for by the school district, and still being paid for while a charter lives there, from their same diminishing pot of money.  These school districts must also make retirement payments for what was once a much larger pool of teachers, from an every shrinking pool of teachers and dollars.  This will force school districts to go bankrupt or default on their obligations to already retired teachers, or new exhorbitant local taxes will have to be levied to make up the difference.

Lawsuits will be triggered soon.  Teachers who are retired will have no choice.  It will be lawsuits, where local taxpayers have to pick up the tab, or thousands of retired teachers out on the streets.  Teachers paid their whole lives into Teacher’s Retirement or the State Retirement system and they will not qualify for Social Security in most cases.  Maybe they will be able to get Medicare, when the school districts can no longer to afford to pay for their health insurance?  Meanwhile charter operators will be sailing their yachts in the America’s cup, and stashing their profits in the Cayman islands.  Maybe some students will get educated along the way, but without any accountability of any sort, I kind of doubt it.

This is the next bubble in America, or at least for Louisiana.  Soon every town and parish will be as financially bankrupt as our governor is morally bankrupt.  But at least we don’t have to pay 4 more cents for cigarettes.  Thanks a Bunch, Bobby!

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