Grassroots message

Now that the elections are over it is more important than ever that we tell our friends, coworkers, relatives and even the occasional stranger how destructive this privatization and profiteering reform movement is to children and education.

Expect to have large sums of money dumped into campaigns whenever there is an important or relevant election coming up, but prepare for it ahead of time. We can’t outspend a group that makes large sums of money if it succeeds.
We can only hope to inform enough people ahead of time that no amount of money and lies will change the outcomes of our local elections.

Run for offices, if you can. Even if you lose, make sure you take whatever time you get in the spotlight to highlight the lack of progress and to debunk the false claims. You may not win, but you will start to get the message out for others to follow and hold these phonies accountable when the sand foundations their reforms are built upon wash away.

Ensure they are held accountable and others will take notice.

Diane Ravitch's blog

People often ask me: How can parents and teachers hope to beat the big money that is buying elections in state and local races around the nation? What chance do we have when they can dump $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 into a race without breaking a sweat?

True, they have a lot of money. But they have no popular base. The only time they win votes is when they trick voters with false rhetoric and pie-in-the-sky promises. They call themselves “reformers,” when they are in fact privatizers.

They claim they know how to close the achievement gap but their standard-bearer, Michelle Rhee, left DC with the biggest achievement gap of all big cities in the nation.

They claim to be leading the “civil rights issue” of our day, but can you truly imagine a civil rights movement led by billionaires, Wall Street hedge fund managers, ALEC, and rightwing think tanks?


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