Thanksgiving Acadia

Congratulations to Bryan and the teachers of Acadia Parish. Usually I have to post unhappy stories, but this post seemed like an important one to make Thanksgiving.

Teachers of Louisiana, even if our political leaders seem to hate you (or feel justified in sacrificing you as political pawns) and many parents don’t understand enough about what is going on with education to realize the damage being done in the name of “choice” and “accountability,” there are those that value your hard work and contributions to children’s lives, learning and society. There are still many of us that know the truth and pray for a day when corporate interests are subborned to the interests of our children and their mentors, and not the other way around.

Today I am thankful for you.

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Just a few days ago, the Acadia Parish school board in Louisiana honored its teachers of the year.

Each of its 27 schools selects a teacher of the year. Then, the district selects 3 teachers among the 27 as district winners: the Elementary T.O.Y, a Middle school T.O.Y., and a High school T.O.Y. to represent the district at the Regional T.O.Y. level which eventually feeds into the state T.O.Y. competition.

As readers of this blog know, the state of Louisiana has done more to discourage, demean and demoralize its teachers than almost any other state (I have to say “almost” because there is always Florida and a few other contenders).

Bryan Alleman, a teacher in Acadia Parish schools, was invited to be master of ceremonies for the event and he asked me to write a message to the teachers.

This is what I wrote:

Here is a message from me…

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