Louisiana’s John White: The Worst Superintendent in the Country

Here’s a nice little gem I found about our beloved, John White.  I wonder how he would fair in worst in the world ranking or even in a historical context, (i.e. worst ever)?  I suppose he has time to build on his lack of success. . .

Louisiana’s John White: The Worst Superintendent in the Country.


One thought on “Louisiana’s John White: The Worst Superintendent in the Country

  1. I don’t criticize the ideas or content nor the much desired results of the Common Core Objectives.

    But I have a Concern about it, Presented Clearly by Governor Jindal.

    It has. Or been discussed nor acknowledged as a Real Fear that many people have when a Small Group or a Majority in a State Goes Around a provision of the Constitution.

    If this Common Core Concept, as opposed by Governor Jindal, Succeeds in passing Illegally, that is As It is opposed by the U.S. Constitution, “those who pay taxes in Louisiana Will also pay Taxes in the State of Origin of the Company who sells this Requirement to Louisiana.

    Voters of Louisiana without any Vote for those taxes Will pay taxes to another State.

    This has been accomplished by the Congress, controlled by the Democratic Congress and I opposed by any brave enough to challenge those in the North East & California in the Supreme Court, where we in the US have been taken by the Thugs who forced Environmentalism on US Citizens by Chicanery and Sleight of Hand performed by Ignorant or “Scaredy Cats in the Media, mainly empowered by Laws and A Powerful Media based in Small States in the New England Area mainly in Boston, Massachusetts where two Major Networks are Located. NBC and CBS, both owned by the Largest Electrical Manufacturing Corporations in the World, General Electric and What’s left of Westinghouse Corp.

    I’m not angered by this but to me, to have the Citizens of Louisiana to pay taxes in another state as well as all other states under Common Core, then that concerns me, as that goes against the United States Constitution.

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