Gary’s Letter to TFA

Very outstanding letter from Gary Rubenstein, a dissillusioned TFA alum, sent to the head of TFA, eloquently voicing how TFA has been corrupted by big monied interests, and phony math.

Speaking as someone from the education arena, married to a TFA alum from the earlier era, and as someone who has housed and hosted TFA recruits over the years, I wholeheartedly agree and endorse his assessment. I used to be proud of their work, but now all these new recruits and over-promoted leaders do is ashame and disgust me.


Gary Rubinstein is a Teach for American Alum (TFA).  In this letter to TFA’s founder and now multi-millionaire Wendy Kopp Rubinstein explains why he is concerned about the misinformation (see: lying) coming out of the mouthpieces of TFA.

I find what TFA does to be extremely harmful to existing public schools.  They are involved in ‘reforming’ which means bashing teachers and teachers’ unions on a full-time basis.  Check the bold areas below.  Mr. Rubinstein gets many kudos for a well-written letter to Wendy Kopp.  I would LOVE to see her response!

Dear Wendy,

Hope you and your family had a happy New Years.

Without Teach For America there wouldn’t be a ‘me,’ or at least there would be one but I’d likely be doing something very different and likely much less fulfilling with my life.  And without you there wouldn’t be a Teach For America.  So in that sense…

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