Getting a recommendation from Michele Rhee’s corporately funded Student’s First on reform success, is like being told by your mother that picking your nose in public is cute.


As Dianne Ravitch and Dr. Mercedes Schenider pointed out recently. . .

. . .Rhee did not take into account student test scores or performance in her ranking, if she did, she would have to have listed Louisiana one of the worst states for students.

All her ranking means is its becoming the best place for for profit charter operators to hang a shingle and harvest some children for their MFP dollars.

Louisiana Voice

As an indication of just how desperate Gov. Piyush Jindal, State Education Superintendent John White and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education President (BESE) Chas Roemer are to put a good face on their much-ballyhooed education reform, one need only read the glowing “news” story picked up by Press Release Central and dutifully reported by media outlets across the state on Monday.

The story (if one wishes to call it that), issued by Louisiana Believes, the Glass-is-half-full propaganda arm of John White’s Department of Education (DOE), sounded the news like the proverbial trumpet in Revelations that Louisiana ranks first in the nation for educational policies that prioritize the interests of children, according to a report by StudentsFirst, an organization founded by Michelle Rhee, who has come under withering criticism for suspicious scoring gains at Washington, D.C., schools during her tenure as chancellor.

The New York Times made an interesting point…

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2 thoughts on “White’s bogus Student’s First Press Release

  1. Correction: Tom, these were the words from the NYT article: “The ratings, which focused purely on state laws and policies, did not take into account student test scores.” On Diane Ravitch’s blog, I quoted this, and I added, “Ironic, ain’t it?”

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