John White bitch-slaps BESE – telling them they are a mere formality and they should probably just stay home in the future, and make his dinner

With this latest MFP formula change John White reveals just how little he thinks of BESE. I’m writing this post February 28th and this “proposed” resolution is dated for March 7th 2013, (7 days in the future) and already listed as “approved” and posted to BESE’s website. I was told this came as some surprise to some BESE members who had yet to even see this “proposal” that they had already approved 7 days hence.$file/AF_4-1_FY_13_14_Proposed_MFP_Resolution_Mar2013.pdf

While many of us in the know have been pointing out that this is exactly how John White operates, it’s refreshing to see him being so forward with his complete lack of respect for the institution that theoretically provides oversight for his role and office. John White told his BESE members how to evaluate him, after all, it’s only common sense that he simply writes and posts everything they will approve, regardless of the impact his proposals have to students, teachers or Louisiana.

I have to wonder though. How will BESE president, Chas Roemer, spin his time as president of a puppet board as qualifying him for a real office (perhaps the only real office in this state) like Governor? Either Chas is violating state open meetings laws and illegally agreeing to backroom deals or White is, none too subtly, informing Chas that he and his input is irrelevant. Hmm, maybe that does qualify Chas for our Governor?

BESE was already becoming little more than a formality, a bland afterthought and rubberstamp of anything White and Jindal proposed. Do we really need to spend the money supporting a state board of education that doesn’t need to actually meet, discuss, inquire or make independent decisions about anything? If BESE is just a powerless, feeble institution than not even John White and Jindal respect (at least not enough to actually give them a chance to review a document before it is posted as approved by them) why do we keep them around? For a while Jindal and White liked to hide behind BESE decisions related to freezing funding or school performance score changes (that they told BESE they had to make) but it appears Jindal and White have done away with even that formality.

Since our legislators do exactly has they are told by Jindal (or they are removed) the various boards are filled with handpicked Jindal appointees that do whatever he tells them, even if it is unconstitutional (Like siphoning off the constitutionally dedicated rigs to reefs money to plug budget holes Jindal created to benefit his donors) why don’t we simply dispense with all of our boards, along with all of our legislators? That could sure save a lot of cash, and Jindal and his cronies have given up even trying to fool anyone that we live in a democracy. We have a despotic king, not a Governor. We might as well reap some of the benefits of a despotic system of governance and dispense with the formalities . . . you know, like John White has already done by officially marginalizing BESE.

So like, what are you gonna’ do on March 7th, zombie BESE?

I hear White may need some laundry picked up too. . . And Chas, White likes his shirts with extra starch.

11 thoughts on “John White bitch-slaps BESE – telling them they are a mere formality and they should probably just stay home in the future, and make his dinner

  1. That’s what the BESE staff is for. Like when Leslie Jacobs was in town they would bring her a TAB soft drink wherever she was. That was their most important job. Making sure that the accountability queen was not thirsty. Because if she was there would hell to pay.

    1. Leslie’s Tab
      Paul Pastorek chased Leslie out of the education business in Baton Rouge. She’d always been the one who ran the accountability SPS release. Pastorek was the new Alpha male of the pack and replaced her. Poor Scott Norton was terrified when PP said the Scott would do the release. He didn’t know much about accountability. The e-mail that flew around between LDE staff and Leslie in those earlier years of accountability was a hoot to read.

      But understand — Leslie often got her way, but there WAS an accountability commission and they DID sometimes overrule her and the public watch dog Nazi groups. She DID like to spin things, but she didn’t out and out falsify information. Her proposals were often voted down by the rest of BESE. She built a pretty good accountability system.

      Pastorek started dismantling accountability – but mostly to make it look like the RSD was a great thing – particularly the charters. Jindal was exerting control with Bendily added to the LDE staff. They were adding RSD schools to lists of schools eligible for grant funds and the RSD schools were not eligible. Staff (who PP had promoted, given big raises, and who had moved into bigger homes or purchased expensive cars) was threatened with firing if they didn’t follow orders. He got rid of anyone who would stand their ground on principle (Rodney Watson, Robin Jarvis). The truth was distorted, but there was still a modicum of it dripping out of the LDE. Renee Geer – the PR person – distorted things until they were no longer recognizable (between cosmetic surgeries and collagen injections).

      Pastorek lied. That’s what got him shipped back to NASA. He got caught while before the legislature. BESE still had the teeth to have influence over policy. Walter Lee hadn’t been bought yet. Linda Johnson could still muster enough votes to get a little bit done – with the assistance of Givens, Bayard, Guice. I wish Tammy McDaniel had been able to weather the storm a bit longer. Garvey would still listen to a bit of reason. Poor little stiff-necked Chas was pretty much ignored until White and the newly purchased BESE arrived. Now the Jindalites are in charge with Whitey giving the marching orders

      WHITE LIES! In fact there a pin-on button that’s started circulating that says — “White Lies.”
      There was a conference in Marksville a couple of weeks ago and some guy referred to specific incidents of White lying to BESE, sometimes about things that were easily proven/dis-proven.

      Keep an eye on policy. Some of the details WHITE LIED about are being changed back because the feds are demanding it. There are some letters available from Washington on the topic. Education in Louisiana will be one of Bobby’s Achilles’s heels in his hilarious push for national office. I hope his ‘serious face’ picture starts appearing in the press. He’ll need to grow lots and lots of legs to hold all of his Achilles’s heels.

      There’s still an occasional tidbit that sneaks out of the LDE.

      HEY, CRAWFISH. The guy in Marksville recommended your blog.

      1. Which guy, Evander? I’ve always been somewhat of a legend in my own mind, I hope that affliction hasnt starting spreading in the general population. Thanks for popping in, your insights are usually as amusing as they are disheartening but still need to be said.

        1. Tom Spencer from Lafayette. Used to work at the LDE doing accountability policy. Spoke at a conference in New Orleans in 2011 (LASAFAP – district federal program supervisors). Topic – Screw-ups of the LDE and Screw-overs of the Districts. Invited to LSSA – Louisiana School Supervisors annual conference in 2012 and 13 to continue the ‘saga.’ He’s always raising hell and causing the LDE grief. Likes the phrase – White Lies

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