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I’ve been asked by numerous readers how to start fighting back against these horrible Orwellian education policies plaguing our state and nation. Here is a group to consider joining. I hope to be posting about more organizations and perhaps local affiliates soon.

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Several readers have contacted me asking how they can join the Network for Public Education.

Some read about it but don’t know how to find the website.

Here it is:

If you belong to a grassroots organization, please become one of our allies.

We will connect you to other grassroots organizations fighting against high-stakes testing, mass school closings, privatization, and the misuse of test scores to evaluate teachers and close schools.

We will provide an archive of information and research on the major issues of the day.

If you are an individual parent or student or teacher or concerned citizen, join us.

Dues are $20 for individuals, $5 for students.

We are all volunteers. We have no paid staff.

We will work with you to magnify your voice and join with you to strengthen and improve public education.


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Empty educational calories

Its not about the quality or nutritional value of the fare offered, its about “choice.” Here are some more empty educational calories for parents to “choose” from.


Superintendent John White Qualifies Six More Creationist Voucher Schools for 2012-2013 School Year, Bringing the Total to 26.

On Tuesday, March 19, the Louisiana State Supreme Court will finally consider whether Bobby Jindal’s school vouchers scheme violates the Louisiana State Constitution. Things aren’t shaping up too well for Team Jindal. Surprisingly (at least to me), District Court Judge Tim Kelley ruled that Jindal’s vouchers scheme was unconstitutional, because it relied entirely on funding through the State’s Minimum Foundation Program, which is specifically established to fund public schools in Louisiana.

Despite the fact that Judge Kelly is a well-known conservative who is married to Jindal’s former Commissioner of Administration, Angelle Davis, and who recently received $1,000 in campaign contributions from Jimmy Faircloth, the attorney representing Jindal in the dispute, Kelley issued a remarkably straightforward ruling and thorough analysis of Jindal’s voucher program, carefully assuring some so-called “reformers” that the plan itself…

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Student privacy

I was working on a post for this, but this summary by Sheila Kaplan is an excellent synopsis of the dangers soon to be facing our children and the treachery of the Federal department of Education. If you have children, or were once a child, you should definitely read this.

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Sheila Kaplan is one of the leading authorities on privacy rights of children. She was invited to testify on the issue in Missouri, but was unable to appear due to the weather. She shares here her testimony with readers of this blog.

Here is a key point that she makes: “Given this new landscape of an information and data free-for-all, and the proliferation of data-driven education reform initiatives like Common Core and huge databases of student information, we’ve arrived at a time when once a child enters a public school, their parents will never again know who knows what about their children and about their families. It is now up to individual states to find ways to grant students additional privacy protections.”

You can reach her at: Sheila Kaplan or


As the 45 states that have adopted Common Core Standards begin…

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