The Campaign to Save Our Children

You may want to read my previous article before you dive into this:

First you will need to contact your local LEA, or school district, and demand they stop using Social security numbers as your child’s state identifier. I have already taken this step for my own children and can verify it works. This is a little known fact, but SSNs can only be required by federal agencies for federal benefits. States do not have the authority to require SSNs, and school districts are forbidden by law from requiring a SSN to keep a student enrolled or to enroll a student. This information is contained in the Student Information Guide I used to curate when I worked at the Louisiana Department of Education. Our lawyers required me to put this information in our SIS guide, but in an inconspicuous spot.

What you will need to do is contact your LEA (school district) office using this list of names and e-mail addresses

and require that they replace your children’s SSNs with the state temporary IDs as  I have already done for my children. While you are doing this you should also send them a letter stating you refuse to allow your children’s data (or your data if you are an adult) from being shared with external agents for any reason.

(Note:  TOPS Scholarships require SSNs for 12th graders.  If you have a student close to gradudation, removing an SSN could make scholarship qualification more difficult or complicated.)

A sample letter is provided for you (in red text) to use. Just copy this section into your e-mail program and can copy them with the text in red. You will need to include:

  • Names of your children
  • Their grade levels,
  • Names of their current schools.
  • parish

Please do not include anything else, even if the school district asks, like SSN as obviously that would defeat the purpose and e-mail is never a secure medium to transmit that data.

While you are doing this please send a copy of your letter to Superintendent John White, and Data quality director Kim Nesmith

If you would like for me to retain a copy of your letter as proof for a potential class action lawsuit, please send that letter to

Dear Superintendents John White and [Local Superintendent]

As a parent, I was appalled to learn, as a Reuters article confirms, that the Louisiana State Education Department is planning to share the most private, confidential data of my child and all Louisiana public school students with a corporation called inBloom Inc., that will store this highly sensitive information on a vulnerable data cloud and disclose it to for-profit vendors.

This data will include children’s personally identifiable information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, grades, test scores, detailed disciplinary records, health conditions, special education and economic status.

inBloom Inc. has already stated that it “cannot guarantee the security of the information stored…or that the information will not be intercepted when it is being transmitted.” All this is happening without parental notification or consent.

I hereby OPT my child’s data out of this plan, and demand that you do NOT disclose any of my child’s personally identifiable educational records with ANY third party, including the Gates Foundation, inBloom Inc. or ANY other private entity or corporation.

I also want you to stop using SSN as my student’s identifier and replace it with the temporary state ID.

I DO NOT give my consent. I also urge you instruct these vendors to destroy any data they have already received on my children. I expect to hear back from you immediately as to whether you will honor my request to withhold my child’s private and confidential educational records and to instruct any vendors you have already shared this data with to immediately and permanently destroy it.

If not, I will call your office until you do so. I am outraged at this plan which not only violates every ethical standard, but also your commitment as the state’s highest educational official to protect my child from harm.


Parent of [CHILD”S NAME, grade, school, parish]

Finally, if you have time, please consider signing this petition:

I can use this service to update you on any developments.

When you sign this petition you are stating you want this practice by the Louisiana Department of Education to cease. You want any data already transmitted to be destroyed. You want the US Department of Education to restore FEPRA protections for our children (no sharing of confidential student data without parental consent) and you want our local legislators to pass legislation that will prevent this from happening ever again.

This petition will go to the Louisiana Department of Education, the Louisiana Governor’s Office, the State Legislature, and the US Department of Education

Lawsuits are already progressing in other states such as New York, and they there are parent organizations and activists working with legislators in those states.

Our children have already been secretly sold out from under us; please help me get them back.

7 thoughts on “The Campaign to Save Our Children

    1. lol. You could, or you could use the actual New York version i stole this from and modified for Louisiana.

      Parents in other states can/should make their own. I changed some of the wording, added a section for SSN’s (which I’m told NY doesn’t use?) and changed some of the directions i wanted these folks to take. (like immediately destroying the data) Not sure if anyone other than me has written a letter yet, but i have 21 signatures as of my last check.

      I consider this copyright free. Feel free to use and abuse to your heart’s content. 🙂

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