Holly Boffy, blitzed

An excellent response to a bought and paid
for BESE member, by one of my favorite local Teachers of the Year, Deborah Tonguis.

Read and see what types of quality educators “Reform” and John White’s temp teaching corps is driving away in favor 5 week, quasi-trained “troops” soldiering on to what they consider are their “real” careers after fluffing up their resume nests with 2 years of teaching to the test.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Just got this in the email. It was posted on Facebook:

Deborah Hohn Tonguis posted in LA Public Teachers: Our Classrooms are Not for Sale!

Here is my email response to Holly Boffy, who sent an email request to all of the Louisiana Teachers of the Year to participate in an upcoming visit by NBC. She has no shame…

From: Holly Boffy
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 9:53 PM
Subject: Unique opportunity in the New Orleans area

Dear Teachers of the Year,

If you live in Orleans or one of the surrounding parishes and are currently a classroom teacher, please email me about an opportunity to be part of NBC’s upcoming visit to our state. I’d love to have a Teacher of the Year involved in the activities.


Holly Boffy

Dear Holly,

Are you talking about NBC as in “National Board Certification”?

If so, which Louisiana Teacher of the…

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