Though it may not show yet, massive progess is being made about the illegal student data sharing thanks to your efforts!

Quick Update:

I and my colleagues have been working with a number of groups behind the scenes, including school district IT directors and superintendents, Tea Party groups, legislators and BESE members. I hear some folks even contacted David Vitter and this issue got his attention.

This illegal data sharing is now on the BESE agenda for the 17th of April. We have notified a number of media contacts to pay attention, and this meeting is open to the public, so if you happen to be in town and want to show up to register your concern with BESE members and other DOE staff there should be plenty available.

(BESE meetings are held on 3rd Street across of the Hollywood Casino in the Claiborne building in the Louisiana Purchase room, which is in the center of the building across of the elevators.)

Note: There is a big national Education Summit. . .

. . .conference held in the morning at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Baton Rouge that will host John White, Jindal, Jeb Bush, Condolezza Rice etc. It is invitation only (even though it claims to be open to the public), but I imagine if anyone figured out a way to cause a “purely legal” ruckus. . .  that might be a good way to draw attention to this issue with most of the rest of the nation watching.  Unfortunately this summit may  take attention away from the BESE meeting and media coverage, so we are trying to move this item to the afternoon, after the conference is over.

Let it me known that the legislative session is in session!

Contact those legislators!

Register your concern right now and maybe we can get a privacy bill passed and action taken to remedy this situation before the school year is over!

Here is the petition again for you to sign and refer back for periodic updates on our progress.



PS: I found some more groups involved in what I believe are illegal transfers of student data.  There may be other SLC vendors than just inBloom, such as Ed-Fi.  You may need to click on this image to read it. If it is too difficult to read I will transcribe.

Agilix and a gatesfoundation "Alvarez group" is involved in the transfers of student data
Agilix and a gatesfoundation “Alvarez group” is involved in the transfers of student data