Mike Deshotels: The Facts About the Recovery School District

This is about as good a summary of RSD as I could come up with. We must end the RSD and return the schools to the local districts. RSD was an abysmal failure that children in other states are soon to be victimized by as ours have been.

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Mike Deshotels is an experienced Louisiana educator and currently a blogger about education in his state. His blog is called Louisiana Educator.

He read a blog by Andy Smarick on the Education Next website and found it superficial and inaccurate. Smarick has worked for various Republican administrations and conservative think tanks and once served on the board of a KIPP school. Smarick would like to see public education turned over to the private sector.

Deshotels says that Smarick is wrong to use the Recovery School District as a model. It is actually a failing district. The most amazing feature of the RSD is that so many people, like Smarick, believe the hype and spin about it.

He explains the facts about the RSD here:

“A blog by Andy Smarick in Education Next describing the Louisiana Recovery School District as a good model for the new Tennessee Achievement School District…

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