BESE President Chas Roemer Knows Nothing.

BESE President Chas Roemer Knows Nothing.

i agree with Dr. Schneider. Door number 2. This issue has been revealed to Chas almost 6 months ago and all Chas did was give White a pat on the back.for his subterfuge.

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It amazes me how many high-profile reformers know nothing regarding the deceptions occurring during their well-fed tenures.  Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall supposedly knew nothing of the incredible cheating for which she has recently been indicted. Former DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee is innocent of any involvement in systematic test score erasures in DC’s schools, an issue that simply will not go away. And, though a lesser player than Hall and Rhee, Louisiana BESE President Chas Roemer has assumed the reformer vogue of “hearing nothing” about LDOE data manipulation.

Professed innocence from a high-ranking Louisiana official.  Imagine that.

Except that I know firsthand Roemer is lying.  I have the email to prove it.

However, let me not get ahead of myself. This story is connected to the recent legislative session and the ongoing battle between the Jindalites and those who exercise independent thought.

During the Louisiana Senate Education Committee meeting on Wednesday, May 1…

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Senate Education Committee vote was a foregone conclusion; charges of DOE test data fraud was huge political bombshell

Senate Education Committee vote was a foregone conclusion; charges of DOE test data fraud was huge political bombshell

As my readers may be aware, we covered Herb Basset’s and Mercedes Scheneider’s analysis of the bogus SPS and VAM back in January.
Herb has finally been able to present this to the legislature (so his warnings could be be ignored in person.) White and Jindal have never been interested in promoting actual improvement, they just want a talking point for their next gig.
Way to keep that third world dictatorship vibe going, puppet Legislature.

Louisiana Voice

The vote was a foregone conclusion; the minds were made up long before the Senate Education Committee members cast their votes to kill SB 41 by Sen. Bob Kostelka (R-Monroe).

The vote that killed the bill was anti-climactic at best. The testimony of a band director and self-proclaimed “highly qualified” math teacher, however, provided the bombshell that Superintendent John White and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) would rather you not know.

His testimony evoked memories of Michelle Rhee’s tumultuous reign in Washington, D.C. and of more recent events in Atlanta.

It was purely academic that only two of the eight committee members would vote in favor of sending the bill to make the Louisiana Superintendent of Education position elective again after nearly two decades of having an appointive superintendent.

And one of those two votes in favor—that of Sen. Mike Walsworth (R-West Monroe) was purely for show…

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