i agree with Dr. Schneider. Door number 2. This issue has been revealed to Chas almost 6 months ago and all Chas did was give White a pat on the back.for his subterfuge.


It amazes me how many high-profile reformers know nothing regarding the deceptions occurring during their well-fed tenures.  Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall supposedly knew nothing of the incredible cheating for which she has recently been indicted. Former DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee is innocent of any involvement in systematic test score erasures in DC’s schools, an issue that simply will not go away. And, though a lesser player than Hall and Rhee, Louisiana BESE President Chas Roemer has assumed the reformer vogue of “hearing nothing” about LDOE data manipulation.

Professed innocence from a high-ranking Louisiana official.  Imagine that.

Except that I know firsthand Roemer is lying.  I have the email to prove it.

However, let me not get ahead of myself. This story is connected to the recent legislative session and the ongoing battle between the Jindalites and those who exercise independent thought.

During the Louisiana Senate Education Committee meeting on Wednesday, May 1…

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