I have an update on the Shadow Schools story I was sitting on. I will finish it this week. They never even aired her story with me, they killed it twice because they are lying cowards afraid of the truth. All the top brass and BESE members know about Shadow Schools but the Jindal appointees and bought members think they are a wonderful idea, even though Iberville’s scores are still in the toilet as a district and they refuse to release the scores of what now looks to be 3 Shadow Schools (they are building a third.)

Louisiana Voice

Blind, unquestioning loyalty has long been a prerequisite for serving in the administration of Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Any administrator, of course, expects his appointees to be loyal, and rightfully so. There’s no argument at any level with that basic principle of employment, whether one works for a bicycle shop or the President.

Generally, though, an intelligent CEO will seek candid input from subordinates—even if that input differs from his management philosophy. The free exchange of ideas is, after all, the foundation for growth and progress in any organization.

Except with the Jindal administration.

At least a dozen firings/demotions have documented the belief that if you don’t drink the Jindal Kool-Aid, if you so much as give a flickering thought to dissent, you will be teagued.

Teagued, of course, is the term born of Jindal’s firing of state employees from rank and file workers to state board members to university presidents…

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