Civics 101? Center for Ed Reform’s Bizarre Understanding of Civics & the Law

Excellent dissection of Reformers complaining that the Louisiana Constitution violates the US Constitution. How crazy would Jindal have to be to appeal to the Supreme Court his own state Constitution rather than try and change it through a vote of the people? Crazier than me for sure. That would certainly look good on his Presidential resume. . . For his opponents.

School Finance 101

PDF of original CER response to LA court ruling: Louisiana High Court Violates Parent Rights (in case they revise/retract)

Now I know that the last thing reformy types really want to think about – to bother themselves with – is a basic understanding of law, civics and the structure of American government. All  that stuff is just an annoyance – an impediment to reformy awesomeness.

As such, it comes as no surprise to me that Jeanne Allen of the Center for Education Reform in the wake of today’s  Louisiana Supreme Court decision overturning that state’s private school voucher program, has issued perhaps the most over the top ignorant response I’ve seen in quite some time. Here are a few choice quotes from the CER press release:

“If indeed the Louisiana constitution, as suggested by the majority court opinion, prohibits parents from directing the course of the funds allocated…

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