White, Seabaugh conversation reveals agreement to ‘tweak’ DOE’s VAM plan; White whines about his ‘ping pong’ status

I will post more on this later but for now it is important for legislators, teachers, and BESE members to see the Real White in action. He claims publicly not to understand complicated formula, that the numbers are fair and researcher approved and speak for themselves. Yet the truth is VAM is just a corrupt tool used by and even more corrupt and contemptable DOE to punish teachers and privatize schools using callously manipulated data. White argues he should not have oversight, and one can clearly see why that is what he fears the most. White fired or is in the process of firing most Louisiana citizens to replace them with drones reportable only to him, that will strip our state dry and leave us as educationally naked as the emperer with no clothes. He tells us we look fabulous and parades us around naked for the country to see. White tells us our children’s data are safe, but dares not reveal the devil’s contract he signed with inBloom, White tells us SPS scores are dramatically improved under his watch, while refusing to admit the increase is due solely to a test with more questions and points, White tells us to Just BELIEVE, but is it a surprise to anyone that almost everyone who puts Louisiana and our children first know firsthand he is a lying charlatan selling us snake oil he has intentionally mislabeled to promote is fictional success. White must be fired. He is a scoundrel, a scofflaw, a cheat and a thief. To do any less is a vast disservice to children who are secretly dropping out in record numbers, teachers who are being driven out based on a broken misguided VAM, and Louisiana parents and citizens. White has no honor, no ability to tell the truth even under oath, and no real credentials to be a State Superintendent in the first place. White is the one who should be leaving, not our dilligent state workers dealing with the layoffs White has illegally filed to remove any vestige of oversight or humanity from LDOE. Send this inveterate liar packing instead before it is too late.

Louisiana Voice

A 14-minute telephone conversation that was recorded by an employee of the Louisiana Department of Education (DOE) has revealed a plan hatched between State Superintendent John White and State Rep. Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport) to “tweak” DOE’s Value Added Model (VAM) teacher evaluation plan in a way to keep changes from being public or necessitating policy change with the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

The date of the recorded conversation is unclear but a flurry of emails within DOE in mid-October of 2012 and again in mid-March of this year centered around changes to the VAM plan so the telephone conversation most probably took place a few days prior to the October interoffice communications.

After White agreed to make changes in the VAM—also known at the DOE as Compass—as suggested by Seabaugh, the employee who recorded the conversation over a speaker phone was heard to whisper to a co-worker…

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