It would be illegal to provide SSN and other data White indicated without a using an MOU agreement. That would constitute identity theft. He is either committing purgery or identity theft based on my understanding of his public and official statements. I would use his public statements and this official response to ask the FBI to launch a criminal investigation. Our own Attorney General should also open an investigation in regards to state laws that may have been violated. I would recommend parents contact their legislators to get DOE to provide for free credit monitoring of all students for next 10 years. That should come out of White’s salary and estate.

Louisiana Voice

The late comedian Brother Dave Gardner once said, “I believe if a man’s down, kick him. If he survives it, he has a chance to rise above it.”

As a loyal follower of Brother Dave since the days of my long gone wasted youth of so many years ago, it is not mine to question. I was, after all, brought up in the Baptist Church (but switched to Methodist when I married) where I was taught that faith surpasses all understanding—or something like that.

So even though my thought processes tell me it’s wrong to kick anyone, especially when he’s down, my heart must follow the teachings of the one who said he was a preacher (but he preached “for it,” whatever “it” was). To do otherwise would be blasphemy.

So here goes: It looks as though Superintendent of Education John White may have lied again (insert collective audible gasp…

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