The pieces are all starting to come together. . .and the picture ain’t good

The pieces are all starting to come together. . .and the picture ain’t good

Thanks to Lefty, Dave Lefkowith, John White’s data scam is starting to take on a clearer shape. I just got another document from good ole Lefty from another new vendor called Cambium Education and Sopris Learning. It appears John White is planning to provide all of our student data to yet another inBloom-like vendor for DIBLELS data. This one will host quite a bit of data bases on reports they plan to make available to us in the RFP sent to Lefty on April 5th. I will include the intro letter as well as the names and descriptions of some of the reports this vendor is offering to produce for us, which would require quite a bit of our children’s data to produce.



I thought I recognized the name Vivian Fox, the signatory on the RFP proposal, and went back through the hundreds of pages of sideways and upside down scanned image files DOE supplied us in response to a FOIA request. (Technically they filled the request, but searching for terms on an image file is impossible and any viewing program you use has to constantly be reoriented to compensate for the “accidentally” erroneously scanned images.)

Well as I was looking through it something I’d seen before but never quite registered caught my eye. This update by Ken Bradford, White’s newly created Assistant Superintendent of Content, sent to John White on January 2nd, 2013.  (I think everyone White doesn’t name a fellow is some form of Superintendent.  I hear Lefty is sporting one of those titles on some of his business cards.)

According to this document there are over 1800 individual college level (Board of Regents) offerings and over 1200 technical course offerings, which did not exist last year.

Let that sink in.  How on earth could anyone validate 3000 new courses in less than a year? How could anyone hope to adequately review the credentials of the vendors providing them or hope to monitor them in any fashion whatsoever?  Is it any wonder we already have allegations of fraudulent enrollments?

John White claims there is a “rigorous approval process.”  According to this internal e-mail the process involved typing the names of 3000 courses from .pdf documents into an Agilix database, and then comparing those results to an Excel spreadsheet.  Sounds pretty rigorous to me!  I wonder just how many people and hours went into reviewing all these providers and course offerings?  Did DOE officials meet all of them in person, any of them?  Of course there is that “final rinse” they run by John White.  I’m sure John White will take any responsiblity for any problematic vendors and classes that get by his personally attended rigorous approval process. . .

Now back to this e-mail: According to this e-mail as of January 2nd DOE had over 23 MOU’s signed for just Course Choice vendors!

We’ve heard before from John White that vendors/partners will have no access to student data? John White has not been able to produce a single MOU for inBloom, for which by some accounts he provided all of our data. These vendors, which could number in the hundreds, if not thousands, would have no need of an MOU if they were not using student data, would they? If the data was just used for registration purposes and safely locked up in our data garage why the 23 plus hundreds of additional potential MOUs? So many MOUs that they had to define a process to collect and update their vendor files with them all as a daily task way back in January!

John White may have emptied out the inBloom database, but that was just a sacrificial lamb. Course Choice is inBloom multiplied one hundred fold and it is already being used and abused by these vendors. John White and Chas Roemer assured us our children’s data was safe, but they lied. In the end their subterfuge may prove to be right about one thing though. . .

If you provide private data to everyone, and everyone has access to it, well then it’s hard to claim that it’s private anymore. Isn’t it?

Problem solved.

I wish I had something witty to say about this, but I’m sincerely stunned by the magnitude and sheer audacity of these two and the problems we are already beginning to see. It’s time for some resignations and/or criminal investigations.  Why are we even allowing a program that has no defined funding and has been ruled unconstitutional over and over, even by a 6-1 decision in our Supreme Court, to continue?  I’m not paying for it, John White and Chas Roemer haven’t offered to pay for them.

Pull the plug on vouchers and Course Choice now.

Don’t let Chas run the same excuse he made for voucher students, that Louisiana has a moral responsiblity to fund them.

Roemer said the money is due sometime in May and that the state has a moral and legal obligation to pay.

Our elected officials have a moral responsiblity to pass laws that are Constitutional, and when they don’t they should have the decency to fire themselves since they aren’t the ones that will have to pay for their incompetence, we are.  Do the moral thing Chas. . .  White.  Fire yourselves.  You owe it to all those students and parents you mislead and all the taxpayers you shafted with your ignorance and arrogance.

If you wanted our input, the public, we would have told you “no.”  That’s why you didn’t ask with a Constitutional Amendment.  Now we are telling you “it’s time to go.”  You would be wise not to ignore us twice.


Break out the hip waders: Rep. Seabaugh’s surreptitious involvement in VAM ‘fix’ scheme gets deeper and deeper

More on the VAM scam White and Seabaugh were running. The Seabaugh Solution. It has a nice ring to it. Kudos to John White for coming up with that one. I like how VAM is now entirely based on three crappy teachers getting high marks regardless of what happens to any other teacher or student in Louisiana. Of course, John.White works for Seabaugh, not us, right?

Louisiana Voice

More information about the 14-minute telephone conversation between Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White and State Rep. Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport) is emerging that reveals a concerted but complicated effort by White to placate Seabaugh’s demand that evaluation scores be adjusted upward for three teachers at South Highlands Elementary School.

Even as he was attempting to surreptitiously help three teachers in his House district, Seabaugh was trying unsuccessfully to push a bill through this year’s legislature that would have prohibited the payroll deduction of union dues for public employees.

HB-552 was aimed at teachers unions like the Louisiana Federation of Teachers for successfully challenging Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education reform bills of 2012. It was defeated by a single vote with Rep. Jerome “Dee” Richard (I-Thibodaux) casting the deciding vote.

The information, provided by a source with intimate knowledge of the details of the events, shows that Seabaugh took an active part…

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I Am Louisiana Course Choice, And I Enroll Without Parental Consent

Looks like our student data was abused even faster than I anticipated. So much for our data being safe in that data “garage” John White likes to tout. I especially like the Craigslist recruited recruiters going door to door asking children for their SSN numbers. What moron thought that was a good idea? How long before identity thieves and sexual predators start mimicking this practice, assuming those aren’t the types of employees these course choice providers aren’t recruiting in the first place.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

There’s money to be made in education, and I am here to get mine.

I am a Louisiana Course Choice provider. Despite the initial, November 2012 state ruling of unconstitutionality regarding my receiving MFP funding for offering Course Choice, and despite the fact that Jindal and White have no other BESE-approved plan in place for paying me, it is full speed ahead and I am approved.

I have access to student data via John White’s shady “partnership” with data storage “nonprofits” such as InBloom, organized and funded by Murdoch and Gates.

Even though I am not supposed to have them, I do have access even to social security numbers.

And, as an “approved” provider, I am allowed to solicit students for enrollment in my courses. I can go into neighborhoods and sign students up on my computer. I can run ads on Craigslist for “sales reps” to sell courses. And…

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