I Am Louisiana Course Choice, And I Enroll Without Parental Consent

Looks like our student data was abused even faster than I anticipated. So much for our data being safe in that data “garage” John White likes to tout. I especially like the Craigslist recruited recruiters going door to door asking children for their SSN numbers. What moron thought that was a good idea? How long before identity thieves and sexual predators start mimicking this practice, assuming those aren’t the types of employees these course choice providers aren’t recruiting in the first place.


There’s money to be made in education, and I am here to get mine.

I am a Louisiana Course Choice provider. Despite the initial, November 2012 state ruling of unconstitutionality regarding my receiving MFP funding for offering Course Choice, and despite the fact that Jindal and White have no other BESE-approved plan in place for paying me, it is full speed ahead and I am approved.

I have access to student data via John White’s shady “partnership” with data storage “nonprofits” such as InBloom, organized and funded by Murdoch and Gates.

Even though I am not supposed to have them, I do have access even to social security numbers.

And, as an “approved” provider, I am allowed to solicit students for enrollment in my courses. I can go into neighborhoods and sign students up on my computer. I can run ads on Craigslist for “sales reps” to sell courses. And…

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