The 2013 Louisiana Legislative Session: What Did We Gain?

Good summary by Dr. Schneider of the Jindal/John White education victories and setbacks that took place during the 2013 Louisiana Legislative Session.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

The 2013 Louisiana legislative session ended this evening (Thursday, June 6th).  It was not the surprise attack of 2012, a time when both House and Senate majorities seemed bent upon unquestioningly bowing to Jindal in his efforts to blindside traditional public education. To my knowledge, there was no locking teachers out of the Capitol this year or demanding that teachers who wished to testify openly declare that they were choosing to be absent from the classroom, an effort to humiliate those wishing to participate in the democratic process.

It was a better session, one in which many legislators asked critical questions before voting. In general, the House Education Committee and the House in general are tired of reformer nonsense. The Senate Education Committee still has a majority kissing the Jindal hindside. Not so much from the Senate in general, but I don’t think they were tired of Jindal to the degree…

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