A Word from the Cripples

Just as in Hunger Games, we make our children fight our battles for us because too many of us are too apathetic and cowardly to confront the realities hidden beneath a thin veneer of comforting Reformer lies. We watch mass school closings in Chicago and forced relocation programs with casual disinterest. As long as our children escaped this year’s Reaping we can comfortably watch the battles from afar, like a staged reality TV show we can simply change the channel on when it gets to “real” or uncomfortable to watch.

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The state of Pennsylvania, the School Reform Commission, Governor Corbett, and the Legislature have decided to strip bare the publuc schools of Philadelphia. They are doing to these students what they would never do to their own. They are vandals.

This morning, i received this poem written by a student, Siduri Beckmann. Why is Siduri less deserving of a full education than the children of the city and state’s leaders?

“This poem has brought tears to many eyes in Philadelphia in the last twenty-four hours!

“Siduri Beckman is a ninth-grader at Julia R. Masterman School. She is the city of Philadelphia’s first Youth Poet Laureate. She “felt like it was part of my job and my duty as a Masterman student to write a poem protesting the school budget cuts.”

A Word from the Cripples

I’ve got something

to say.

It won’t take long

Just as long as it took…

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