This Teacher Chose to Be Arrested

Great letter from a teacher about what it really means to put student’s first. Hint: it doesn’t involve forming pseudo-grassroots organizations secretly funded by fascist billionaires or corporate leeches. . .

Diane Ravitch's blog

Do you want to know what it really means to put students first?

It doesn’t mean making millions of dollars to promote privatization. It doesn’t mean speaking to corporate titans. It doesn’t mean fighting to strip teachers of all rights and privileges.

This is what it means. It means joining the Moral Monday protests in North Carolina. It means fighting for your students when legislators cut the budget and programs and seek to privatize the schools.

To the teacher who wrote this post, it means: I am ready to be arrested and go to jail for my students. That’s putting students first.

She writes:

Today, June 17, 2013, North Carolinians gathered for the seventh “Moral Monday” protest at the North Carolina Legislative Building. Since late May, thousands have protested the General Assembly’s ultra-conservative agenda and over 450 people have been arrested as part of a growing wave of non-violent…

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