Jon Pelto: A Historic Victory Over the Education-Industrial Reformers

The Vallas timeline of failure.

My guess is they will appoint him to another position where he is still runs the place, but is not called a “superintendent”.

Other possibilities:
Virtual district superintendent (where his virtual credentials work)
Superintendent (actor) for Truman Show
Superintendent of trash collection college (only because he has so much garbage constantly to clean out)
Superintendent of cowpatty college (see previous)

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In this post, Jonathan Pelto assembles a timeline of the stunning court decision to remove Paul Vallas as superintendent of schools of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He includes Vallas’ tenure as superintendent of schools in Chicago, where he was hailed for “saving” the schools and in Philadelphia, where he installed the nation’s most sweeping privatization plan (to that point). Philadelphia and Chicago are now in crisis. Vallas then went on to New Orleans, where he oversaw the almost total privatization of that city’s schools after Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is hailed by the media as a success but the Recovery School District is the lowest performing district in the state of Louisiana, its top schools skim, and it is propped up by infusions of millions of philanthropic dollars.

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“Financial Irresponsibility and Incompetence”: Louisiana Superintendent John White Perfectly Describes School Voucher Program

Nice recap of New Living Word fiasco from Lamar White. Where are all the voucher supporters like LaBAEO now? Don’t they support choice without oversight or restrictions?

If LABEO is serious organizations really supporting vouchers as a valid “choice” they and other “choice” groups really need to do a better job self policing these applicants (or insisting on basic standards) since LDOE refuses to do so. The more fraud and abuse uncovered, the more the public will turn against these programs. But more importantly, the more children who will have their futures and future “choices” stolen from them. Are these groups really interested in the welfare of children, or simply adult “choices” regardless of their quality, safety, or fiscal responsibility?


Yesterday, after more than a year of sustained criticism in the state, national, and even international media, Louisiana Superintendent John White (no relation) announced the Department of Education was banning the New Living Word School in Ruston, Louisiana from participating in the so-called Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program (the SSEEP), more commonly known as the school voucher program. Under the direction of Governor Bobby Jindal and the majority Republican state legislature, Superintendent White is responsible for rolling out and implementing the most expansive school voucher program in the nation’s history, a program that potentially qualifies as many as 56% of Louisiana students.

And until very recently, New Living Word was the single-largest voucher school in the entire program, having initially been approved to triple its enrollment and provide 193 voucher slots. After considerable discussion, the state reduced the number of slots to 165, and according to Superintendent…

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