Don’t miss the New Orleans inBloom discussion tomorrow on WBOK at 10:00am

This Monday (tomorrow) at 10:00 am (Central) tune into WBOK The New Orleans Imperative.  (July 1st, 2013)

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Dr. Sanders, Dr. James Taylor and Lee Barios will discuss the Louisiana connection between John White, inBloom, other data collection entities and why it is an essential part of the Common Core Standards/curriculum/high stakes testing regime.

One of many controversies at the Louisiana Department of Education is Superintendent John White’s decision to give personal student data to for-profit companies (which violate the federal student privacy policy). Over the past few months White has not been clear on what’s going on regarding this issue, on occasion he has denied that there was agreement with these companies and other times he has defended giving companies the personal student data. Last week White once again brought the idea up before at a BESE Board meeting. This decision has sparked an outcry from parents, communities members and government watchdog groups.

Lee Barrios retired teacher and former BESE Board candidate and Dr. James Taylor at Professor at Southern University will discuss the legality and problems with sharing student’s personal information with the public (particularly with the private sector).

Please join them:  This is a call in show. 504-260-9625


Just to keep everyone updated: John White has not produced the “multiple letters” he claims to have sent to inBloom terminating the contract he signed with Louisiana.  He promised to do so at the June 18th BESE meeting, and he has been reminded many, many times in many different formats, but he doesn’t even to deign to respond when cameras aren’t focused on him.  (When he does respond, its usually with a lie, but to date no one has held him accountable for any of the many lies he tells to the public and BESE – instead they commend him for doing a standup job.)

RSD’s Watered-down Incremental Miracle and Continued Fiscal Embarrassment

Prime examples of how you can play with numbers and claim success, and why Reformers remove historical data and refuse to release raw data to anyone except researchers and media who promise to only write nice things about them.

If I was as proud of my achievements, as these Reformers claim to be, I would be releasing my data to everyone for the world to see. It would silence all my critics overnight. Instead we are given unverifiable percentages and a slogan “Louisiana Believes”.

I don’t want to “believe”, I want to know. Show us the data, or show yourself the door.

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It is very important to those promoting corporate reform in The Big Easy to show just how wonderful, how miraculous, how “rebirthful,” state takeover of New Orleans schools has been. Hurricane Katrina hit almost eight years ago (August 29, 2005); in the storm’s aftermath (and already itching to get their hands on New Orleans’ schools), the Louisiana legislature passed Act 35, which declared any Louisiana school having a school performance score (SPS) below the latest state average of 87.4 as now a part of the state-run Recovery School District (RSD). Most of those unfortunate takeover schools were in New Orleans.

In 2006, the state of Louisiana assumed control of 94 schools formerly belonging to the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB).

What is often overlooked in current discussions of RSD “success” is the fact that in 2005, the state seized control of schools with SPSs less than the then-current state average of…

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