RSD’s Watered-down Incremental Miracle and Continued Fiscal Embarrassment

Prime examples of how you can play with numbers and claim success, and why Reformers remove historical data and refuse to release raw data to anyone except researchers and media who promise to only write nice things about them.

If I was as proud of my achievements, as these Reformers claim to be, I would be releasing my data to everyone for the world to see. It would silence all my critics overnight. Instead we are given unverifiable percentages and a slogan “Louisiana Believes”.

I don’t want to “believe”, I want to know. Show us the data, or show yourself the door.

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It is very important to those promoting corporate reform in The Big Easy to show just how wonderful, how miraculous, how “rebirthful,” state takeover of New Orleans schools has been. Hurricane Katrina hit almost eight years ago (August 29, 2005); in the storm’s aftermath (and already itching to get their hands on New Orleans’ schools), the Louisiana legislature passed Act 35, which declared any Louisiana school having a school performance score (SPS) below the latest state average of 87.4 as now a part of the state-run Recovery School District (RSD). Most of those unfortunate takeover schools were in New Orleans.

In 2006, the state of Louisiana assumed control of 94 schools formerly belonging to the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB).

What is often overlooked in current discussions of RSD “success” is the fact that in 2005, the state seized control of schools with SPSs less than the then-current state average of…

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2 thoughts on “RSD’s Watered-down Incremental Miracle and Continued Fiscal Embarrassment

  1. Can anyone start from after Katrina and attempt to tally the millions that have flowed into the RSD? FEMA, foreign contributions, other grants diverted to RSD, TFA, etc.?

    I can remember when PP was there, we got the order one day to just approve all grant budgets. Don’t even read them, just sign. I believe they were diverted to RSD. When we submitted anything to be processed, it was all put to the bottom of the stack and RSD stuff was always placed on top.

    I would love to know how much money has gone into the RSD so we could really judge its dismal failure despite the huge influx of dollars into it.

    The LDOE turned a blind eye to Orleans Parish before Katrina. It was known what was going on down there.

  2. Good luck with that. 🙂 There are a lot of people getting rich off this, a few kids are getting educated, many are not. It would be hard to make honest comparisons even if LDOE was in a sharing mood. With the complete and utter lack of transparency Jindal supports and demands they can say whatever they want and no one can refute them. It takes a conspiracy to hide as much as they have, but they’ve got that.

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