Casualties of Reform

A good example of the bad side of market guidededucation reform and how corporately trained thugs are using amoral tactics to drive away great teachers in pursuit of minuscule savings.

The Public Educator

There are no winners of war, only survivors . . .

                A war has been declared on public education and the quote above sums it up.  Nothing reveals an effect more than the lives of real people who have been hurt by the misguided ideas of an elite who has used their wealth and power to force their views upon parents, educators, and children.  To Broad, Gates, Rhee, Duncan, and the Walton family, we are viewed as sheep that can be easily controlled and manipulated.  However, we sheep are real people and many individuals have been hurt.  It is time to talk about what happens to real people because of this misguided reform.

                A good friend of mine who was a master teacher in midtown Manhattan was a year away from retirement when her principal retired.  Under this principal, she became a coach and mentor to many teachers. …

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Audit Reveals Systemic, Widespread Problems In Louisiana’s School Voucher Program

Great points made by Lamar about the voucher program. The audit did not find that most schools were in compliance, merely that most schools could not be effectively audited. Ironically, the only school singled out by White for inappropriate use of funds was one of the only schools to document how they used their funds. I guess the Takeaway message White was trying to send is he doesn’t care what you do with the money he throws at you, just don’t document it, because if you make him look bad, he’ll toss you out. Its a shame he doesn’t care about strength of curriculum, having teachers or physical buildings, just if you document how you use your funds in a semi-transparent way.


Two weeks ago, late on a Friday afternoon, John White, Louisiana’s Superintendent of Education, announced that- as a result of the findings of an independent audit- the New Living Word School in Ruston was being kicked out of the state’s controversial school voucher program. White attempted to put the best possible spin on the story, suggesting that the school’s removal was proof that the Department of Education was committed to accountability. “These findings are evidence that the oversight process is working,” he said, “and that there will be zero tolerance for fiscal mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.”

Superintendent White had an advantage on the media: The audits total 475 pages, and considering that New Living Word had already generated national attention, he likely knew that would be the story. So, the narrative he “muddied up” was simple: If only one of the 117 schools was being forced out of the program for…

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