Delmont Elementary Closes: Hired-gun Bernard Taylor to Blame

Interesting account of the self-destruction wrought on an EBR school by the parish superintendent by Dr. Mercedes Schneider. She is keeping very busy this summer keeping us all in the loop. I guess this explains why Bernard Taylor has refused to return my calls or e-mails.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

A MESSAGE FOR THOSE WHO ARE USING MY WORK TO SUPPORT AN EBR BREAKAWAY DISTRICT: I have learned that this post has been linked to a FB site advocating my stance on Taylor’s poor leadership as reason to break away and form a new district. Let me warn you that if this breakaway is something that John White supports, he has privatization in mind for you. That is what he does– he hands schools over to privatizers. He will lead you to believe that you are in control of your fate, but it is a lie.

Consider this: The only reason that there still exists an Orleans Parish Schools is that a constitutional amendment would have been required to completely obliterate OPSB for full state takeover of New Orleans. Moreover, if enough pro-privatizing individuals had been elected to the Orleans Parish School Board last election, there would have been a…

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