Teacher: Predatory Uses of Data Endanger Children

Great debunking of the pro-Gates/pro-inBloom propaganda being spewed into the media by folks masquerading as concerned and impressed education stakeholders. If you listen closely to these posterboards you might even hear in the background. . . “Work from the privacy of your own home and earn zillions of dollars with my new X money making program. Listen to this testimonial from. . .” Or “Before the magic mate cutting system I was always cutting off my fingers and toes. Now with magic mate my remaining digits are secure from accidental severing! Thanks magic mate!”

Diane Ravitch's blog

This teacher blogger takes issue with the opinion article written by Kerrie Dallman, the president of the Colorado Education Association, supporting inBloom, a project of Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch.

She writes:

“Aside from your support of inBloom in Colorado and the glaring ethics and privacy issues the system poses, I have some real problems with your argument that teachers need inBloom as a “tool.”

“First, you claim that inBloom fixes the problem that teachers “don’t have enough time to truly personalize learning for every student to meet their individual needs.” Sure: teachers who log into 30 systems with different usernames and passwords each day (this really happens?) waste time. But the solution to that waste of time isn’t to consolidate confidential information about students into one database; it’s to reevaluate the overuse of data that you describe. After all, the best teachers in the world have been successful for…

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