New report: “family income appears more determinative of educational success than race”

It has long been known in education circles that poverty is the greatest predictor of student achievement. Those who actually look at education data without preconditions (such as we shall ignore poverty so as not to make it an excuse) understand that recognizing poverty and working to mitigate its impact on our children’s education is the only way we can achieve positive outcomes, and paths out of generational poverty, for many children and families. When we ignore poverty, and other serious mental conditions and unstable family situations we are doing our children no favors. Education reformers will hasten to point to an anecdotal success story, while conveniently overlooking or even hiding the preponderance of failures they create with their own malfeasance and destructive policies. If we truly want to move out society and our people forward, we must address the harsh realities of poverty and understand that the costs and impacts of poverty are not isolated to the poor, but shared by us all.

It has long been known in education circles that poverty is the greatest predictor of student achievement. Those who actually look at education data without preconditions (such as we shall ignore poverty so as not to make it an excuse) understand that recognizing poverty and working to mitigate its impact on our children’s education is … Continue reading New report: “family income appears more determinative of educational success than race”

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Common Core/Data Sharing letter from a true Louisiana Patriot, Debbie Sachs, that I would like to share with my readers

Common Core and Data Sharing is an issue that should be a concern for everyone, no matter what political color you bleed (red, blue or green.) I am proud to count Debbie as one of my staunchest and most dedicated allies in the fight to reject the corporate takeover of public education and commercialization of our children and their data. Our children are not products, and their data are not resources for enterprising entrepreneurs to tap into. Debbie is the Thoreau to my Emerson. She is the Doer, and she is doing what she can to protect all of us and to protect all of our children. I joked with Debbie yesterday about how odd it was that Bobby Jindal and Barak Obama have finally found some common ground (unfortunately the ground they found is located on the San Andreas fault) and how weird it was for something like this to finally get conservatives and liberals to work together – but we are united in fighting against an oppressive government and for our children, our future, and the future of our Democracy and Republic. Without further ado. . .


To all,

This affects your children, grandchildren in private school, public school, home school, from pre-school thru college.  What this article (please scroll down) does not convey is that this is something that the American people have not seen before – a cartel if you will involving Democrats, Republicans, and Corporate Interests.  Our Republican governor along with his corrupted superintendent of Education (John White)LABI, the Chamber and many of our elected officials are reaping the monetary benefits of this data mining on the backs of our children and their futures. Common Core is nothing but a scam.  Please note that 6 of the 9 states participating in the Common Core/ child data mining have completely stopped student data sharing. Four states (Texas, Nebraska, Alaska, and Virginia) wisely rejected Common Core from the start.  Mike Pence (governor of Indiana) has completely halted Common Core/data sharing in his state ( he obviously cares about Indiana’s children).  Please note that Louisiana has turned RED on the map at Truth in American which means that our state is ACTIVELY engaged in the Common Core/Child Data Base war.

Don’t know about you, but last time I looked -Louisianans’   tend to cling to their guns and their children. Please demand that Bobby Jindal, BESE stop exploiting our children!  Also please contact your legislators to help get rid of this in our state! You may want to note that Senator AG Crowe, Senator John Fleming, Representative Kevin Pearson, Representative Steve Scalise, and Representative Tim Burns have recently been engaged in drafting and/or vetoing legislation in order to do damage control caused by common core/data mining with respect to our kids. Please thank them and contact other legislators to do same.

From the Conservative Daily:

COMMON CORE – Data Mining Your Kids, Courtesy of Barack Obama



Dear Patriotic Parents and Guardians,

WARNING: Your kids are very valuable to the nationalist, socialist State. They are currently being targeted by the Obama administration. As you read this, a HUGE DATABASE is being compiled on our children and grandchildren as part of the Common Core curriculum, sanctioned by the United Nations and forced onto the States through Obama’s “Race to the Top” program.


Are you prepared to STOP IT?


Stop mandatory data collection on our precious little ones! Tell Congress to kill the Common Core program and protect our Constitutional rights!

Get to know the State Longitudinal Database System, or SLDS. “The long-term goal is for States to use the SLDS to follow our children through school and into and through their work life. Information will begin with pre-Kindergarten through post-secondary schooling all the way through entry and sustained participation in the workforce and employment services system.” This information comes straight from the U.S. Department of Labor!

The SLDS or P20 (because it will track our children from preschool through age 20 and beyond) proposes to groom our kids for a course of study that the government deems appropriate for that child.


Obama’s Race to the Top Tax Redistribution scheme created mandates for student data collection. While we were busy debating Obamacare and illegal immigration, he was pumping stimulus dollars into Common Core and building a framework with which he and the Federal Government can collect data on every American student, regardless of whether they attend public school, private school, or are home-schooled.

State Education officials are already uploading private student information into a new, three month old database called inBloom, funded mostly by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This 100 million dollar data portal was built by a division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp! I do not want my kids’ information given to a corporation in the Internet Cloud!

This database will store your student’s name, address, social security number, blood type, hair color, weight, test scores, nicknames, religion, attitudes, family income level, medical history, psychological evaluations, bus stop times and political affiliation. It will collect gender, ethnicity, English proficiency status, disabilities, economic status, test scores and assessment results, demographics and transcript information.

Your child may find themselves strapped into a special chair that measures their posture while a biometric wrap on their wrist records their reactions. There may also be a camera in the classroom recording their facial expressions. The stimulus bill also budgeted for MRI machines! What in the world? Is this part of Obama’s brain-mapping project he spoke of earlier this year?

This information will follow them the rest of their lives. The database has a place for DATE OF BIRTH and DATE OF DEATH.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is supposed to protect the privacy of kids. But last year the regulations were changed. Now, every single bit of information a school collects under the Common Core program can be shared among federal agencies and sold to private companies—with no parental consent and in many cases, NO OPT-OUT.

Even if you don’t care about privacy rights when it comes to you, please, protect our kids from a future of government control and indoctrination. Tell Congress to STOP this unconstitutional intrusion into the lives of our children.

Think I’m off the reservation? In March, a company called Strategies 360/DMA Marketing used private contact information gathered from Seattle Public Schools to conduct a telephone poll. Parents and teachers were shocked to find out that the school district had turned over confidential student records to a marketing firm working on behalf of the teachers union!


The SLDS is a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights and it will eventually lead to the end of our First Amendment protections, as well. Will you or your children be brave enough to confront government knowing that there is a huge file of data on you, accessible to everyone?

Academic and non-academic data on our kids is being collected by the government and it CAN and WILL be used against them at some point. If this is as unacceptable to you as it is to me, you must Fax Congress at this very moment and tell them to end this appalling program.



EduShyster: The Insidious Mission of TFA: LINK Added!

TFA is becoming big business, providing teachers in urban districts laying off massive numbers of experienced teachers while advocating for policies that result in layoffs nationwide.

The future of test driven charters can be clearly and frighteningly seen in the Rocketship charter academy picture included on Edusyhster’s blog.

I guess its never to soon to prepare the drones for mind-numbing cubicle work.

Diane Ravitch's blog

In an unusual turn, EduShyster writes a serious article about the increasingly insidious role played by Teach for America today.

The organization began with the laudable goal of supplying teachers to schools where there were chronic shortages.

However, it has become a mainstay of the privatization movement, staffing charters that open as public schools close.

She warns:

“By fueling charter expansion, TFA is undermining public schools

“You wouldn’t know it from the heat of the debate but Teach for America has largely abandoned plans to expand into urban districts in any significant way. Instead, TFA increasingly serves as the designated labor force for urban charters. In Chicago, for example, where charter expansion is the real driver of public school closures and teacher layoffs, TFA has functioned as a placement agency for the fast-growing and politically connected UNO charter chain since 2010. In Philadelphia, where 23 schools were closed this spring…

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EduDEformistas are all about data — how to “massage” it until it looks good to their wealthy backers

We have our own share of EduDeformistas in Louisiana. Perhaps you heard of the Seabaugh Solution? Well, that’s not the only one, merely one of the most documented one (with the help of a taped phone conversation between Superintendent John White and Representative Seabaugh, where White famously proclaimed where data was driven solutions were good, “but sometimes it was not a smart idea to use the data.” (Such as when the data doesn’t say what you want it too.) This has happened in St Helena too, where the Recovery School District filed a brief with the Federal Court in regards to their 50 year old desegregation suit stating allowing St Helena to add grades to their schools that were taken over by RSD would lead to resegregation (actually the RSD caused a dramatic decrease in white enrollment, not the other way around) and they also provided statistics backing up their “Reform” from an entirely different school district, not the middle school in St Helena RSD took over which is almost certainly the worst performing school in the state.
Thanks for this summary of two recent data scandals about Tony Bennett and Michelle Rhee.

GFBrandenburg's Blog

Educational Deformers like Tony Bennett, Michelle Rhee, and others proclaim that they are “data-driven“.

They don’t tell you the rest of that slogan, however. It goes like this:

“…unless the data contradict what we keep claiming; in that case, then we  fake or alter the data!

In a secondary-school science project where a student fakes their measurements to get the “right” answer in  their expeiment, it’s not so serious, though it’s not good there, either, because some of those dishonest students end up being dishonest researchers or scientists claiming breakthroughs that don’t exist. Many studies have shown that high-achieving college students admit quite readily to all sorts of cheating while they were students at the university.  We see quite clearly many of them are making a mint continuing to do so as traders or bankers on Wall Street, as businessmen, as politicians, as bankers, and now as…

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