Everyone Loves a Crazycrawfish!



We did it!

You did it!

Congrats to all my loyal blog viewers and all my new friends! We just crossed the 100,000 view threshold! Without your help we would never have been able to reach this total. For comparison purposes we only had around 12 k views from March of 2012 to December 31st 2012 or about 1300 views per month. Since January 1st of 2013 we’ve already reached 100k in just a little bit more than 7 months or an average of about 12,500 per month. Each month we are reaching as many folks as we contacted in all of 2012.

We are also closing in on 1000 followers with well over 800 and counting compared to maybe around 60 by the end of 2012. However this is not the extent of the story. I would also like to thank all of our followers who are also loyal e-mail “forwarders” of many of our pieces. I’m told those mailings may number in the 10s of thousands. While those numbers may not show in the official stats since the entire articles is being forwarded or posted on other websites, in store windows and passed out at churches and carpool lanes, you are helping getting the word out about issues that are dear to all of us.

At the end of the year I will summarize all of the progress on issues we’ve tackled together, and those issues that still need some attention but before then I hope we get to celebrate our 1000 member goals, our 200,000 views, or even our one millionth view.

Although the posts have been slowing up a bit of late, rest assured that our efforts and antics have been forging forward at full-tilt. I hope to have some great news and plans to share with you all in the coming months that I hope will make you all as excited as we are down at the blog.

In honor of this momentous occasion please “mudbug” your friends into signing-up for to receive notifications about new posts on our blog at crazycrawfish.wordpress.com. If you are a twitter follower, please consider giving us a shoutout with a Friday Follow or just encourage your friends to follow crazycrawfish on twitter right now!

Tell your teacher friends, tell your fellow state workers, tell your parents and grandparents and tell your students age 13 or older (we sometimes have naked crawfish posted here).

Louisiana, we’re just getting stirred up.

Now geaux get us some more followers!

Education is something we should all care about and everyone needs to be properly informed about the things they care about.

Let’s all be crazy together, and together we can take back our education system.



5 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Crazycrawfish!

  1. I love reading what you put together. It’s just hard laughing and howling with indignation at the same time.

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