From the Mailbag: Teach For America Defector Speaks

Check out this refutation and repudiation of TFA including a recent comment from a recent East Baton Rouge corps member. TFA started out with such promise, now it harvests young idealistic college grads and sacrifices them for their political ambitions and goals. Warn your children about enlisting in what has become a corrupt political engine.

Cloaking Inequity

There is a growing crescendo in support and opposition of Teach For America from its alumni base. For all of Cloaking Inequity’s posts on Teach For America go here. Also see my piece in the New York Times on Teach For America here.

Howard Blume from the LA Times recently wrote two pieces about TFA. The first and the second.

In the first, it was announced that the Walton Foundation was going to provide funding to hire 700 more rookie TFA teachers to put in front of poor and minority (although this word is now a misnomer in California, Texas, New Mexico etc.) kids in LA.

In the second he relates:

…Some former participants and academics, among others, have recently accused the Peace Corps-like organization of taking sides in the education policy wars. They criticize the nonprofit for aligning too closely with its largest private donors and…

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