The Dissidents of TFA

Great refurational piece from the perspective of former TFA members now turned dissidents and students taught by TFA in New Orleans in wake of Katrina. A sad punch to the gut for kids already struggling to stand up in the aftermath of that catastrophe.

Diane Ravitch's blog

A few weeks ago, critics of Teach for America met in Chicago to look critically at what TFA is doing, to air their complaints, and to shape a different path for the future.

See, TFA recruits very smart, idealistic young people, and they can figure out what is happening and recognize when they are used as pawns.

This post is one of the fruits of that meeting. It is a description of TFA’s leading dissidents. These are TFA graduates who went through the program and began to wonder if they were being used as cannon fodder by an organization that is now part of the corporate-funded privatization agend.

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