Another parent, denied a voice at BESE, speaks out here

Another parent, denied a voice at BESE, speaks out here

Another parent speaks out against Common Core, Data Sharing, and biased studies, such as those contracted from CREDO, supporting charters. Debbie has supplied a number of links supporting and documenting her positions. Teachers and parents who are denied a voice in our public institutions are free to scream as loudly as they wish here. J Much of what we all see on the news, at BESE meetings and legislative hearings is carefully orchestrated theatre. What you can’t see is the censorship and the dissent which is often concealed behind a greasy, sleazy veneer of paid apostles speaking the Reformer gospel to the masses. The latest strategy of the DeMockratizers is to exclude anyone not willing to engage in puffery of the status quo (Reform, federally mandated dubious unproven curricula, endless standardized testing, charters, and unrestrained privatization.)

Wow Crawfish!  I am overwhelmed by your post.  Thank you for fighting for Louisiana’s children! Your efforts go far beyond this state as you sound the alarm on many different fronts.

With respect to the WDQI scandal referenced in your blog, please refer your readers to “How the Feds are Tracking Your Kids“.  Please note in the article that the states have a CHOICE to link their education data to the Department of Labor.  So what choice did Bobby Jindal and our LDOE make for our students and teachers?  They chose to serve our children and teacher’s sensitive information on a platter in the form of chopped liver to the Department of Labor.

Why didn’t we know about this?  Please refer to an article in the Advocate “House Rejects Governor’s Records Bill” where the committee voted 6:3 to allow the governor’s office (and agencies under his control) to keep information, documents, decisions away from public scrutiny.  This is being done by a deliberative process exception (Jindal inserted the provision into  the law in 2009).

In essence, what Bobby Jindal has done with the help of the LDOE and the acceptance of the WDQI grant is to help create a National De Facto Student/Teacher Data Base(which is supposed to be illegal), but again like a lot of issues in this country, is all happening by the circumvention of Congress.   This data base will track our children from cradle to grave and is slated to be finished Nov. 2013.  It is unclear to me how to stop this, but if anyone has any ideas, now would be a good time to put them forth.

If any good has come from this heinous act of treason against our children and teachers, it is the exposure of the Common Core/Child/teacher data tracking for what it is – a curriculum crafted by hustlers whose intention is to profit (inBloom) from educational material marketing scams (as the children are dumbed down, educational material will be remarketed to them courtesy of the data bases.) Also note that the data of children who attend the more elite schools is not being collected and herded into these data bases whether they be corporate or governmental agencies – even more proof that only the “Children of the Core” are being funneled into the workforce where data will direct, diminish, or even destroy their futures. I concede that all children should not be forced to follow a course to college, but shouldn’t parents and students have been told that the Common Core State Standards do not put kids on a path to college?  If anyone doubts this , they should look to see the math derelicts that Everyday Mathematics ( Please see Dr. Mercedes Schneider -deutch 29) has produced in Seattle. This is the same type of discovery math being used in the Common Core.  I guess this was supposed to be a secret just as there was no public scrutiny or debate during the crafting of the standards or the installations of the data bases.

Last but not least, the very fact that this data has been hijacked/stolen negates the quality of the data itself in that “good” data only exists in the hands of “good” people.  What kind of person(Bobby Jindal) uses their own MOTHER(head of the work force committee related to the WDIQ grant) to get her to upload all the goodies on students and teachers and then……… to add insult to injury……….. goes out to Kipp Academy to pose for pictures with the very children he dissed(Please refer to New Orleans Charter Schools Show Progress with students  – what a joke). Although Common Core was a Republican initiative being driven by a Democratic machine and backed by corporate entities, The Republican National Committee got it right when they condemned the Common Core State Standards /Child Data tracking.  It’s time for Louisiana to condemn this scam as well  and move on.

Debbie Sachs

parent of a St. Tammany Parish student

Parents, denied a voice at BESE, speak out here

Parents, denied a voice at BESE, speak out here

At BESE’s august meeting parents were denied an opportunity to speak about Common Core and inBloom.  Because the feedback given so far has been overwhelmingly negative, I can understand why Chas Roemer, John White and their allies would go that route.  Routinely BESE sends out invites to charter organizers, TFA supporters, and other folks that are paid to adore their positions to speak only things that reinforce their opinions and goals.  At the last BESE meeting in June they tried shifting the schedule around to make parents and students who had come to speak students wait all day, and then when that didn’t work, they tried to postpone the agenda items they had come to speak on.  Outbursts from the crowd changed their plans.

This time, however, BESE was able to completely silence their critics, denying them a chance to speak.  When they did this, not only did they succeed in silencing their critics in a public, taxpayer funded forum, they made a mockery of Democracy; and rule of the people, by the people, for the people.  Our board was purchased with millions of corporate dollars, not to serve us, but to serve those who would make money off of our children.  Our BESE board and our Department of Education are cruel, farcical charades that pat themselves on the back for their own destructive behavior whilst squandering our hard earned tax dollars on their cronies and selling our children into a data zoo where they can be gawked at, poked and prodded for the amusement of others.

While corrupt politicians have succeeded in barring parents and students from speaking in a public forum, they cannot (yet) prevent them from speaking in private ones that are made available to the public.  Here is Nikki Gaspard’s letter.  A concerned public school parent who was denied an opportunity to comment on policies and programs paid for by and with her tax dollars and about a recently aborted plan that sells her child’s data companies to use and profit from as they see fit. (Nikki was one of the folks instrumental in uncovering the latest set of inBloom and DOE letters many of us had failed to get for so long. . .)

Hello, I have a few things that I would like to go over.  I have a letter from Mr. John White to Inbloom dated April 19 in which he states that he is withdrawing Louisiana from InBloom.  I also have a letter dated June 17 from InBloom addressed to John White saying that InBloom is concluding their relationship with John White.

I do not have a fancy job title.  I am just a mom, but even I can look at these two letters and deduce that SOMEONE is being DISHONEST!  I have a form from the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR that lists it’s grant recipients.  LOUISIANA IS ON THAT LIST!  The LA Workforce Commission was granted nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS in order to collect and link information to the US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR.  The information that is being linked includes EDUCATION DATA.  The contact person is listed as Ms. Raj Jindal.

     In a phone conversation between Mr. Garvey and Mr. White, which took place last Friday, Mr. White acknowledged that he WAS AWARE that LOUISIANA COLLEGES were sharing private and personal information with the LOUISIANA AND UNITED STATES DEPARTMENTS OF LABOR, but that he was not aware that the LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION WAS ALSO INVOLVED IN THIS.

     As a concerned citizen and parent in Louisiana, the ONLY conclusion that I can draw from that conversation is that either Mr. John White is being dishonest to Mr. Garvey OR Mr. White is (at best) doing an EXTREMELY POOR JOB PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN’S VERY PERSONAL AND INTIMATE INFORMATION.

     Now to my next subject.  I have a letter to a senator in New York from the SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS of New York dated August 7.  In the letter he discusses the fact that only 30 to 37 percent of students scored proficient on the COMMON CORE assessment tests given in April.  That was a SIGNIFICANT drop verses test scores before COMMON CORE INVADED NEW YORK.  He goes on to say that the ONLY thing that changed this year was the CURRICULUM AND THE TESTS.  What changed he said, was giving the tests before students were properly prepared.

     TO ALL OF YOU, I would like to say that COMMON CORE has already caused my daughter who is an honor roll student and who has already earned COLLEGE CREDIT to feel like a (her exact words) ” WORTHLESS, STUPID HUMAN BEING”.  I have seen my precious child spend hours upon hours EVERYDAY at my kitchen table working on what common core calls “math”.  I have watched her being tutored 2 to 3 times EVERY WEEK to try to understand the Common Core Math.  I have watched her be reduced to an ANXIETY-RIDDLED MESS which ends with her CURLED UP CRYING ON MY KITCHEN FLOOR because she now feels like she is stupid.  If that is what the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM does to an HONOR ROLL,gifted,talented student who has an ideal home environment with a mother and father who encourage and support her, what EXACTLY do you think the Common Core is going to do to the rest of the kids in Louisiana?

     My daughter came home with a paper on the first day of school which lists the telephone numbers of places such as CRISIS COUNSELORS and THE ST. TAMMANY SUICIDE PREVENTION LINE! It’s as if the powers that be are EXPECTING  suicide rates to go up in Louisiana.  I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND why this is being ALLOWED to take place in OUR SCHOOLS!

     I would ask that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU  make a decision to look into this and to do the right thing for the CHILDREN. 

     The right thing is NEVER the easy thing.   It is rarely, if ever, the popular thing. IT IS STILL the RIGHT thing!
Thank-you for taking the time to read this.

Sincerely, Mrs. Gaspard