Who Dat Say?: New Orleans Ed Reform Unmasked

I’ve been slowly working on my own post about the reform network based on Kristen’s Excellent work which I just got ahold of this weekend. In the meantime I strongly encourage you to read this great synopsis of her analysis and findings.

Cloaking Inequity

Who is really behind NOLA education reform? Let’s unmask them. Last year, the charter school incubator New Schools for New Orleans published a Guide for Cities that touted New Orleans school reform as a national model. In fact, a barrage of reports has been issued since 2005 that make the same claim. The Guide for Cities was delivered by Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu to policymakers in Washington, DC. She proclaimed,

Through relentless focus on accountability, human capital, and charter school development, New Orleans has become a national leader in education reform.

An important question to ask is: Who says so? Who is really behind the reform?

This question was posed in my new peer-reviewed article published in the Berkeley Review of Education, which critiques the Guide for Cities and presents the testimony and experiences of those left out of mainstream discussions on New Orleans school reform—namely, black teachers, students…

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