Merrow and Gates Money? Et tu, John?

Seriously, is there anyone who supports reform that gates or one of his allies hasn’t bought off?

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John Merrow has decided not to report on Michelle Rhee. He helped promote her, and now he has decided to call it quits. Education historian Diane Ravitch says not so fast, John; you owe us some follow-through in unveiling Rhee.  I agree. Merrow owes American education his service in unmasking the monster he helped to create.

I have wondered why Merrow also insists upon promoting New Orleans as a model of reform. He has a film coming out on the subject. The reforms in New Orleans are a fixed game; I have communicated with Merrow by email, sending him my work. I have written numerous posts demonstrating the Recovery School District (RSD) farce.

Why won’t Merrow budge?

Perhaps his Gates funding is the issue.

Here are the four Gates grants Merrow’s Learning Matters has accepted, as recorded on the Gates grants website:

Date: July 2004
Purpose: to support a…

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Gates Money and Common Core– Part III

This article finally made it all very clear to me about why Louisiana has adopted Common Core. I couldn’t understand the vague and contradictory official reasons given by supporters and LDOE officials, but this article showed me at least 8 million reasons why John White and Jindal love Common Core. If someone has 10 million dollars I bet they can buy a lot of official hate. As usual its all about$ the money, nothing about the children at John White’$ DOE.

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My first post on Gates and his Common Core State Standards (CCSS) spending includes information on his paying millions to the four key organizations involved in composing CCSS as well as to key education organizations and think tanks for their endorsement. My second post of this series examines Gates money paid to organizations influencing state departments and local school districts for the purpose of advancing CCSS.

In this third post, I discuss the state departments and local school districts that have accepted Gates money in order to promote CCSS.

CCSS is apparently important enough to Gates for him to force feed to the public via funneling though its departments of education. And since he is wildly rich, he must know what is good and true for American public education. We can blindly trust him, for he has a large wallet.


As to that wallet: Here are the state and local boards (and a single independent school)* that have accepted Gates payouts…

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Is There a STEM Shortage?

The STEM shortage is a manfactured crises. Louisiana has reorganized the department of Education onlong STEM lines based on a firm belief in this faux crises and laid off most of our arts folks. As usual, we have done the wrong thing for the wrong reason under John White and Jindal. If nothing else, we are consistent.

Diane Ravitch's blog

We hear repeatedly about the shortage of qualified
engineers and the need for more science, technology, and
mathematics majors. I am all for that. I would also like to see
more majors in the arts, philosophy, history, government,
literature, and world languages. This reader–who signs as
“Democracy”–offers thoughts about “the STEM crisis”–and examines
the role of Lockheed Martin’s Norman Augustine, who has been
outspoken on this and other educational subjects. (See his defense
of standardized
testing here.
). And more on “the STEM crisis” here.
But Augustine and the president of Cornell wrote an article
stressing the importance of the humanities and foreign languages
while making a case for the Common Core. All seem to be about jobs
and national competitiveness, the aims of the day. . “Democracy”
writes: It seems that former Lockeed CEO Norm Augustine was invited
to tour Charlottesville-area public schools, where
he touted…

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