John Merrow Responds, and So Do I

A very intriguing and entertaining exchange between our national education reporter John Merrier and our own Mercedes Schneider about RSD and Michelle Rhee.


UPDATE 09-14-13:  Though my response to Merrow is harsh, if he would reconsider his position, even now I would welcome it. My overall goal is not to be right but to bring relief to my corporate-reform-abused hometown. To this end, I have issued Mr. Merrow an invitation at the end of this post.


Yesterday, I wrote a post about John Merrow’s decisions to both discontinue his reporting on Michelle Rhee, a damaging reformer whom his media attention helped create, and his creating a documentary in which he declares New Orleans schools a success. I showed that since 2004, Merrow has accepted approximately one million dollars from well-established education reform promoter Bill Gates. Below is Merrow’s response to me this morning and my counter-response.

Merrow responded to my reblogging this entry to @thechalkface.

I accept your invitation to respond. I don’t believe I have ever read the Gates guidelines…

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