Baltimore Parent Arrested for Speaking Up at School Board Meeting

I don’t agree with all the comments related to black versus white racism, but it would appear they could have let the man ask his question and then move on. Most of the proponents of CCSS are not capable or prepared to defend them in an open and honest format, so they stage “open” meetings like this one, to pretend to be interested in hearing the opinions of parents and teachers. Many parents in Louisiana have had special invitation only meetings to theoretically discuss CCSS, only to be lectured for as many as 11 hours by officials bearing bizarre charts and unsubstantiated statements, assertions and quotes. Gates and the Feds bought many of our politicians and education leaders, but they did not do a very good job of selling this to parents. Now the leaders who were legally bribed into endorsing standards they did not understand are finding themselves on the hotseat, with only Jeb Bush riding to their rescue. If they arrest a large group of parents protesting this, you can consider CCSS over as well as the careers of many politicians. . . It will be interesting to see what happens this Saturday. . .

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“Dear Diane,

Please see,0,7127220.story

My partner attended this Common Core parent forum on 9.19.13 in Baltimore County, MD, where we live, and she witnessed this parent being removed from the meeting by a security guard for standing up and voicing his concerns about Common Core. I have been a teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools for 22 years, and I am seeing first-hand many of the ill effects of education reform. But the fact that a parent was arrested for speaking up at a public meeting in the county where I live is chilling. Please post this video and article. Thank you!”

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One thought on “Baltimore Parent Arrested for Speaking Up at School Board Meeting

  1. …that’s a provocative idea…this is after all a civil rights issue. the more people willing to get arrested, the more closely public attention will be focused. Diane has taken their favorite tactic *disruption* and put the reformers on the defensive. Reign of Error is a manifesto for democracy in a society mad with power and politics.

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