K Teacher of 20 years

I have been teaching for 191/2 years. I teach kindergarten. Most of my students are not ready for common core. When I read then a book and teach them a skill for example like predicting and ask them what I just taught them they would say you taught us about mice because that is what the story was about. Most of my students can’t even write their name or draw a picture. My principal asked me the other day why they are not writing sentences. All this goes on my evaluation and every parish can see what she think. It is not my fault my students are not ready. I do all I can do. I make my 20 in January. I may not return in Feb.

I don’t know what you can do. My students want to play. There is no more play just work work work.

Frustrated in K

Naturalized US Citizen (non-parent)

I praise you for your courage to take a stand on this very important issue.

I am not a parent, but every year I get my tax bill for schools in my area, which is ok, I don’t want ignorant kids around me.

I have decided to join the several parents that are starting to wake up about CCS because, as a foreigner (and American Citizen at the same time), the American Educational level has been an international embarrassment for the last three decades, and this new standards will set us below the poverty level worldwide, if an analogy like that could be made.

I also got involved because I believe in the Republic, I believe each state has to have its own sovereignty and I see this administration eroding that concept by leaps and bounds.

Question #42 of the Naturalization test study materials expresses clearly the responsibilities of the Sates as independent entities: a) Provide schooling an Education, b) Provide protection (Police), c) Provide safety (Fire Departments), d) Give a Driver’s License and e) Approve zoning an land use.

Question #41 establishes the responsibility of the Federal Government: print money, declare war, create and army and sign treaties, among others.

So, to me, it was more than clear who was in charge of the education in Louisiana, and it is us!! Why is the Federal Government interfering?

Because the states are so lazy to take care of it anymore?

Because we did sign our fate away by accepting this.

We can take our schools back as well and that is why several parents from the New Orleans/Covington area are going to go to the Baton Rouge Capitol this Saturday Sept 28 to demand Governor Jindal to do something about it. The media will be there… of course, that doesn’t mean anything if they decide to keep this in the can.

You are not alone. Please join us. Spread the word to other parents and teachers and concerned citizens.

And thank you for writing this. I tweeted to Jindal, Vitter, and some reporters.



Parent from Livingston Parish
My name is [redacted] and I live in Livingston Parish. I just wanted to say that as a parent I deeply appreciate and whole heartedly agree with you stance on Common Core!  I can’ tasty thank you enough for your efforts on behalf of teachers and parents in Louisiana! I read a lot of news stories, along with the comments sections, on the internet. I guess it was sometime over the summer where I read a comment on a news article where a parent said something to the affect of, beware if they try to implement Common Core! Well at the time I had no idea what that meant. Now since the implementation of it in Louisiana I have read PLENTY of article from across the United States about the horror story that is Common Core!! I, along with a few people I know, are going to stand and fight to have this indoctrinating tacking system removed from our children’s classrooms! There is supposed to be a protest this Saturday across from the street from the State board of Education office, I’m sure you’re aware, I’m going to make every effort to attend. I hope to see you there and again thank you.



Samantha Thibodeaux – You are my hero!…. and the hero for every public/private school child and teacher being tortured by Common Core, Arnie Duncan, Bobby Jindal and John White. I sat with you in that meeting my friend and was blown away by your passion for the TRUTH. Thank you Samantha – You are an inspiration to us all!


I have never been affiliated with the tea party. What I am is a ticked Republican who is very disappointed in the leadership in Louisiana. BTW, what difference does it make? The comparison between Obamacare and Common Core is leaders signing onto massive program without knowing the details. The standards were not completed or published. The cost has skyrocketed and this is before the testing component has been put into place. Riddle me this, how do you measure the effectiveness of cradle to career standards?

Non-conspiracy theorist J

Mr Cook says :”Incoherent, disorganized chaos dosen’t describe the LDOE as much as it describes the thinking and arguments of CCSS opponents/conspiracy theorists.”

wow. Mr. Cook, I am not a conspiracy theorists, yet I don’t agree with Common Core. Be careful how you lump people together, that is a drastic assumption on your part.


Thank you so much Jason for being part of this opposition to CCSSI – we know it is an INITIATIVE that has to be stopped. We are not misinformed, we know what the CCSS INITIATIVE is and we REJECT IT.


Why implement something they, themselves admit may not work. The system we have now works. It is evident because Governor Jindal, President Obama, the ones who made up Common Core and every other living American has gone through it. It fails when the student decides he or she does not want to study and the parent does not want to help their child progress. The blame cannot all fall on the teachers. This is America and yes all people are created equal, but people decide themselves when they give up equality when they stop trying or working to accomplish their goals. Life is to easy now because everything is given to them by the government. The Federal Government should have no right telling schools what and how to teach. Mr. Cook, you seem like an intelligent man…did you go to a secret school that implemented Common Core before it’s time or did you work hard for your education? The Federal and State is squeezing citizens so hard before long you will have no choice, but to depend and answer to them for everything. We do have a Constitution. It was put there for a reason. We are starting to see the reason now. No I’m am not a republican or democrat. I am independent. I look at what’s right, period….. Common Core is wrong by all accounts.

Full time Working mother of 3 from Ascension Parish

Common Core is so frustrating for parents. I now come home from a full time job, to three children in three different grades struggling with school work. Apparently, Common core automatically gave me a position as a substitute teacher. We are spending four hours each afternoon doing homework that should take us an hour. I am having to reteach my kids what they are learning in class to make sure they GRASP what they are being taught. Then they cry that I am not teaching them the way (or method) that they were shown in class. .If our students are moving so fast and don’t grasp what they are being taught, moving on is just setting them up for failure. After getting our first progress report this year, their confidence levels have dropped. My nine year old has always loved school. This year he comes home and tells me he is not smart. My twelve year old begs me to homeschool him. At the end of the day, instead of coming home to enjoy my family, I come home to tears and fits. I am not sure how many parents will continue to do this. They are going to give up!!! I believe we are setting them up for failure.

Grandmother raising grand kids

Our govt is destroying the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This was the only thing on Obamas adgenda when he ran for president..
All the people that voted for him will soon learn they made a huge mistake………………………. All we can do is fight the govt and refuse this way of teachings. get back to the simple ways kids understand. When God was taken out of schools we started to lose our children. Look what is happening to our schools since prayer is not allowed. every crazy psycho that goes
coo coo wants to shoot up schools and teachers.
The govt needs to have better mental health care for people. Stop trying to dictate all of our lives. Everything I have seen happen since Obama has backfired and cost trillions of dollars. From education to healthcare to religion. We were a christian nation. Now they are trying to reform ev1 into muslim world and fighting tooth and nail to convert ev1 in the U.S.A. Until we all ( every state, town, city in AMERICA join together and say enough is enough.) we are doomed. Prayers for all. I am a grandmother raising grand kids and it is very difficult now days. Prayers for you and yours.


I feel so much better that I know Samantha is on our side (parents)!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!


“Parents have had no information regarding Common Core. No informational meetings, no written material sent home, no formal venue to be introduced to and ask questions about Common Core. Therefore, at first they made the assumption that it was in the best interest of their children. As homework began to come home, they realized they were less and less able to help. Just now are we seeing parents rising up and contacting their principals, administration, and school board members, asking to know what Common Core is, explaining how it is affecting their children.”

This quote speaks volumes – we got a flyer sent home 3 bullets about CC. That was it. My child has F’s in everything related to this CC stuff and there seems no way to right this ship. I have spent a fortune now to enroll her in Sylvan . I feel absolutely helpless and I have a child that is frustrated and has given up. We google the problems sent home to virtually no avail. Completely at a loss……


7 thoughts on “More Teachers, Parents and Citizens speak out against CCSS (from across the political spectrum mainstream media)

  1. Jason, if you want to take my words out of context, fine. If you want to give credence to people who make statements like: “We were a christian nation. Now they are trying to reform ev1 into muslim world and fighting tooth and nail to convert ev1 in the U.S.A. Until we all ( every state, town, city in AMERICA join together and say enough is enough.) we are doomed.” I guess that’s fine, too. Hold up crazy on a pedestal. Hold up prejudice and ignorance because the end justifies the means apparently, as far as you’re concerned.

    Your teacher from St. John makes totally false claims like “The standards were not completed or published.” The Common Core standards were completed and published over three years ago. Louisiana signed onto Common Core in July 2010. Those are verifiable facts. Your unnamed “Independent” is talking about blaming teachers, blaming parents, kids wanting to learn, or not learn – none of which have anything to do Common Core. Yes, he’s right – we do have a Constitution – and the federal government has not forced this on anyone. Most states have elected to join; some have not. The government hasn’t rolled in tanks into those states that haven’t joined Common Core. CCSS opposition has become hysteria, drummed up as a proxy battle by folks opposed to broader education reforms, in an effort to exploit people’s fear.

    But they are fears that make no logical sense. Your “Mother/Parent” above is outraged that: “Parents have had no information regarding Common Core. No informational meetings, no written material sent home, no formal venue to be introduced to and ask questions about Common Core.” Did she get information sent home in years past about the old standards? Did she know the old content standards in-and-out? Did she ever even THINK about the old standards? The answer is no. Why the sudden outrage? Obviously, if she had the wherewithal to figure out how to send you her thoughts, she could look up CCSS on Google and learn more about them than I’m sure she would even want to know. No one is withholding information about the CCSS. So why doesn’t your average citizen know much about CCSS? Because to be honest, reading education standards is boring and bland. Unless you have a reason or serious interest in reading them, most people probably won’t.

    In truth, the old standards were a mess – no one above acknowledges that point for the simple fact that they probably don’t know much about them. They were dense and massive. They didn’t follow a logical progression of skills and content matter, and they were overly broad and disjointed to the extent that they didn’t allow teachers to actually address topics in depth if they wanted to cover them all (& most teachers didn’t cover them all).

    Are more rigorous? Yes, to the extent that they cover a narrower set of skills in more depth than the previous system. Are they “this indoctrinating tacking [sic] system” that your commenter from Livingston Parish described them as? Absolutely not. I suggest folks READ them before freaking out (here: http://www.corestandards.org/the-standards) and grabbing their pitchforks and torches in revolt. It’s reading, writing, and arithmetic, not mind control, communism, or the other craziness that extremists say they are.

    1. I will address your points in a longer post tonight. I find it interesting a TFAer who is using any means necessary to justify funding for TFA, and corporate/statetakeover of local schools accusing me of using an end justifies means argument . .. Don’t taunt my folks, it was my “choice” not toinclude names. I chose to keep everyone anonymous rather than just the few who chose to give their names, even thoughsome volunteered. When you taunted crazycrawfish and when Edushyster was taunted by your folks you got Jason France and Jennifer Berkshire. I have a feeling that won’t be a decision you will remember as a wise one. The outrage is not sudden, it has been boiling over for months and not years. I tried warning folks and getting info just like everyone else, but was rebuffed and told it was for my own good and i just don’t know better so i should shut up. If you recall I tried to get folks to talk about this months ago but your side did not show up. As usual. I do not need to agree with everything someone says, to agree with someThing they say, and build a collaboration from that. Shoot, I am even willing to work with you while i still view you more or less as the enemy. I think you mean well, but you are totally caught up in an end justifies the means education reform world. You have been brainwashed and surround yourself with people that only seem to agree with you, or you would have seen this coming from miles away. I created this post to show the diverse backgrounds and opinions to counter the tea party stereotyping. I think you will be surprised by who else shows up, but no doubt you will denigrate them as you have me and everyone here who is expressing an opinion different than your own. Perhaps you would care to listen to what they are saying instead of telling them the same tired lines and patronizing us? Parents and teachers need engagement, and this administration has zero appetite for doing that. They only meet with Teflon groups like LaBAEO and Stand for/on Children that have been created and sponsored by outside corporate interests to generate a false grass roots propaganda campaign, to make people feel isolated and alone in their discontent. I am working to bring real folks together. Real groups, real people, real problems, and a real message. The message may not be consistent or tidy or convenient, it make not be focus group tested or P.C., but it is undeniably real.


      1. Nice Jason, you’re attacking me, bringing up Edushyster (when have I ever mentioned her?), and basically throw a bunch s__t against the wall to see if something sticks. Can’t you respond to one substantive point I made? The points I was making were about CCSS – you have no responses but the tired old lines attacking me as TFA/corporate-sponsored, blah, blah, blah. You’re stereotyping me, not the other way around. The only way things move forward is through rational discussion – ignoring facts and stoking fear will not get us there.

        1. Parents and teachers are confused, scared and concerned and children are struggling. Those are facts.  Making fun or light of them is not addressing them, not moving discussion forward and is much more insulting than anything I’ve said to you.

          Edushyster was driven out by remarks of someone else.  Thought I made that clear. Drawing parallel. 

          Not all TFA are bad, unfortunately you are living up to the stereotype I have in mind.  

          Instead of seeing us as ignorant yokels and enemies to be defeated, maybe you should try to understand the confusion, suffering and pain and address it yourself?  Telling people to go “look it up” is what brought us here today.

          Sent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

  2. Mr Cook,I attempted to find common core text matter on line… the first of 2012 all I could find were little cartoon videos of the over all intent of common core… or some politician voicing how much money the state will receive in federal funds by adopting this curriculum…only to find out later on the states were more or less black mailed ( by implication they could) withhold fed. funds from the state school systems… I have yet to see any type of stats on a study school and how the ccss has improved the learning standard… Just pick a random school, a couple of them.. implement ccss for 2 yrs then we have some actual facts…. I have also read about the company that is involved with ccss. my my… how much is this company going to make from this and did the ceo of that company get a position over colleges somehow?… hmmmmm hmmmm….conspiracy theory… no no it’s already in motion so it is now a plan in action… Oh I am not a tea party member nor a republican.. Born and raised Democrat.. but as the rest,they have gone butt kissing Obama stupid…. I don’t believe a community activist should be president…I am not paranoid hell bend on believing big brother is coming… but I am starting to see things in its actual reality….

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