A Parent at Success Academy Says “No, We Won’t March”

In case you were wondering folks, charter schools like this chain are free to engage in real totalitarianism, what many folks see as communism. Get used to it. Charter schools are not public schools except when it comes to siphoning off public funding. Obey or no school for you. Success Academy = School Nazi. Seinfeld would be proud.

Diane Ravitch's blog

As previously reported on this blog by an anonymous teacher at Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter chain, parents, teachers, students, and staff have been directed to participate in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge on October 8 to protest any slowdown in allocation of  public space to charter schools or any effort to charge the charters rent for public space. Some readers doubted the authenticity of this claim, but in fact it is true, as reported by website Gotham Schools.

Another reader of the blog sent this comment about why she will not march, nor will her children. She writes:

I am also a parent of a child at Success…this email is Real and participation is MANDATORY. As Eva said in her advocacy meeting the only excuse parents have for not attending protests or rallies is if someone (that someone being a woman because men are not excused) is…

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11 thoughts on “A Parent at Success Academy Says “No, We Won’t March”

  1. Crawfish, I followed all your posts about what was going on in the Dept. of Ed, especially the ones reporting on White making data about our kids available to corporations. Your connections to the inner workings, coupled with your own first-hand knowledge of how things go there, were riveting and very important. Thank you for them. In your last several posts, though, you seem to be off course. Please don’t use extreme language like labeling the bad guys here as “Nazi” or “communist.” It lowers the tone of the discussion and makes it almost impossible to post links to your posts and ideas, because many will dismiss them (and thereby, me) as extremist. Simple facts are much more convincing than labels ever can be. Thanks.

    1. Thanks.  I understand your concern and agree those terms get used haphazardly and carelessly.  I even addressed how the term communism often gets misused in a recent post about Common Core. However, what would you call a situation wher someone is litterally commanding people (north Korea style) to go on a forced march to support a charter regime, or else?  It kinda seems appropriate to refer to this a totalitarian style propaganda.  What would you call this?

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    1. Demanding 9 month pregnant women and toddlers march 10 times a year instead of attending school to falsely provide propaganda and trick the media is several shades removed from just “wrong.”

  2. Nothing to do with reality. The school serves all children regardless of needs, and no participation in this particular event is required. Please do not confuse ‘well-organized’ with ‘totalitarian’.

    1. Then why do you post this here and not Diane’s site with some sort of proof to back up your statement? I would not have a problem with a voluntary rally without incentivization or punishment on a weekend or ourside of normal school hours. It is also purported to be as many as 10 marches. I also can’t help but wonder if some of Eva’s 500k salary couldn’t be better spent helping out some of these children with special needs? I can understand why she would be marching. . . . She likes the regime and her position as it is.

  3. No one is forced to participate in this march. Neither student or parents. Why you would dare try to portray the situation otherwise is very false and shows your lack of character as a person.

    1. Hardly believable Mr “SMITH” it is you who is trying to refute the actions of a truely horrible person who has not issued any statements denying this but in fact doubled down on the march.  Post it on Diane’s blog who has contact with the person revealing this info, unless you are afraid of being called out as a liar and defender of tyranny. You would dare to try and silence me before confronting this directly at the source? Better yet, have Eva issue a statement canceling the mandatory march during school hours and appologizing for it. . . 

      From what I’ve heard of how she runs her school it sounds like a horrible joyless hellhole.  But at least they get good math and English scores, right?  Maybe that’s why they don’t know about civil rights, oppression, Messiah complexes, and tyranny? They will make good pliant robot citizens though.  Congratulations. 

    2. Ill make you a deal.  Give me the original communication that clearly shows this was just an optional team building exercise that got misinterpreted/misrepresented and that no parents, students or teachers were required to attend or give me a copy of the clarifying correspondence that indicates this and that the time taken off from school will be made up, and I will be happy to post that and ask for people’s opinions on this whole sorry matter.  Or you can do nothing, provide nothing, and I will continued to assert my belief that the original reporting was accurate, and you are either brainwashed or you work for Eva and trying to do damage control by maliciously attacking anyone who relays this story.  Sound fair?

       I know youre not one of my readers.  I know you didn’t post this rebuttal at the source, where I know you found my reblog info.  Sounds pretty cowardly to me.

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  4. As an employee for success academy, I believe that we spend ample hours and achieve a great deal with our scholars. Taking off a morning to better our future chances to continue our success is not wrong, it is justified. We are teaching our children to stand up and speak up with a peaceful march. And our families, god bless them they stand behind us every step of the way, because they believe in what we do for their children.

    1. A voluntary march might have been powerful. A forced march is pathetic and scary, like you. I’m not sure which is worse, that you genuinely seem to fail to see that, or that you are rabidly defending it.

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