The Holly Boffy – John White, CCSSO, CCSS conflicts of interest that will make your head spin

The Holly Boffy – John White, CCSSO, CCSS conflicts of interest that will make your head spin

BESE member, Holly Boffy, taught thru the 2010-2011 school year for Lafayette Parish; before getting elected to BESE.

Boffy’s May 15, 2012 a financial disclosure shows she was hired at some point by A+PEL full time (another organization advocating for CCSS in our state); after getting elected to BESE.

Her May 9, 2013 financial shows Boffy was paid between $25,000-100,000 for vague “education consulting.”


While seeming to operate as an independent contractor in the education market it seems she also has an official role with a group that may very well be her major client, or even sole client.

Holly Boffy is an Educator in Residence for CCSSO serving the central and southeastern states participating in SCEE. Holly also serves as an elected member of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. While teaching 8th grade social studies to gifted students, Holly was selected as the 2010 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year. She taught middle school for ten years and also served as an adjunct instructor for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Holly is National Board Certified.

Someone is paying her up to 100,000 dollars for “consulting” as her full time job.

For those who don’t know, CCSSO, (the council of State School Officers, of which current Louisiana State Superintendent of Education John White is a member), was instrumental in writing Common Core Standards.

CCSSO also influences federal law and advocates in state legislatures. Holly is now working for John White who technically works for and is answerable to her.  It’s hard to imagine a greater conflict of interest than this. If you can come up with one let me know.

Should Holly be participating in any conversation relative to Common Core, or for that matter anything that CCSSO “advocates” for?  Should Boffy even be on BESE if she is working for or being paid by a group that that is influencing state education policy, directly, through her? While operating as an independent contractor may shield one from the Ethics board identifying glaring conflicts of interest, that does not mean she should get away with being unanswerable to her constituents. If this is what’s going on, if CCSSO is paying Boffy to advocate for them and their initiatives full-time, while she is also serving on the very State board that can vote on policies and initiatives it is trying to promote, that is a sweet deal for them but it would leave me, as a constituent, with a lot of questions and concerns.

Perhaps someone can ask Boffy and John White to clarify this relationship at the next BESE meeting?

On a final note, someone sent these pictures from their last private CCSSO meeting.

I have no idea if they are authentic but I have my suspicions they may be doctored. For instance, look at John White’s sleeves. They are not rolled up . . . even a little.