You might not know this from reading the newspapers or tuning into your televisions programs that have been bought out by Common Core supporters, but if you’re a parent and you’ve been listening to your neighbors and teachers and using your eyes you know what you are seeing is not what you are being misled to believe. October 17th John White tried to pay a stop to Mandeville High to rally support for Common Core, but what he thought would be a an easy slam dunk of a conversation turned into a serious embarrassment – that was not covered by any newspaper articles I’ve seen. The road leading into the High School, Skipper Drive was lined with signs like the ones below and tells the story of how that visit went.

It was reported to me that rather than meet with the entire school, John White held a secret private meeting at the school and then went out to dinner with some local legislators, where they all sat around drinking sugary flavored drinks, and agreeing with each other.

Local media was briefed on this plan ahead of time, but chose not to run anything on the opposition to Common Core. However at urging from John White and the Louisiana Department of Education, the Advocate started making inquiries of the property owners if their local ordinances and neighborhood associations permitted yard signs like this. I would cancel my subscription to the Advocate if anyone still has one. That type of intimidation and bullying is ridiculous and truly shows how subservient our local media has become to our local politicians.

If I was working for the Advocate I would be embarrassed, although I’m sure I would have been fired a long time ago for trying to report the truth instead of the lies my owners wanted me to report to appease local politicians. If you were wondering why the Advocate only reports one sided reports of the Common Core situation, the reason is money and politics. I make no money from my blog (and have turned down offers of financial support in the past – although if Bill Gates wanted to give me a million dollars like he has everyone else I’d probably tattoo CCSS on my chest. If you see me wearing one of those I beg you to stop listening to me. . . ) so I am free to report what others are afraid too, or paid not to do.

St Tammany is not the only parish where protests are taking place. I have heard of similar events in Vermillion and Terrebonne. An “all in one” sign is apparently circulating in Terrebonne along with magnets and decals.

In Caddo and the northern part of our state the conservative Louisiana Power Coalition and Diane Long is making an impression and a stand against Common Core.



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In the central part of our state the Acadiana Patriots, and their allies, are taking a stand and going community to community, library, to town hall, to community center informing parents of the poorly contrived Common Core. I have some very interesting footage of some of their meetings I will try and post later. This group was also in involved in the rally at the LDOE a few weeks back that I attended.

On Facebook I’ve been invited to a half dozen local anti-Common Core groups from different parishes.

Our Teachers Unions, LAE and LFT are opposed to LDOE’s ill-conceived rollout of Common Core.

The only people that seem to be in favor of Common Core are Exxon, LDOE and the Advocate. So put that newspaper in the trashcan, pass by that Exxon station, and open your eyes and ears so you can see and hear the truth. Common Core is under siege, and for good reason, and no amount of printed lies and staged news conferences will change that. The only people that still think Common Core is a great idea for our children have been spending too much time with the Common Core Kool-Aid man.

Back away from the punch, Louisiana. This guy does not belong around our children.

25 thoughts on “Common Core is failing the “parent test” in Louisiana

    1. It’s the closest to “cool” he will ever get.  Unfortunately it sounds like he’s been drinking too much of his own kool-aid of late.  It’s not that he’s lying, he doesn’t even know what the truth is anymore. 

  1. Kool-Aid John was going to do the tattoo thing but there was only room for CCS on his chest. Too bad he didn’t think of it, but he could had fit “Common Core State Standards (not a curriculum)” on his head along with any released test items from the PARCC process. Of course we wouldn’t be able to see the tattoo because of were he keeps his head most of the time.

    If I see you with the letters CC on your chest, I’ll think it refers to Comedy Central. That latest picture is marvelous.

  2. I have been going to School Board Meetings, BESE board meetings, Town Hall meetings, and Protest Rally’s all around South Louisiana. Last night I was in Lafayette at their beautiful new South Regional Library, and Congressman Jeff Landry was there as well. He is SOLIDLY AGAINST common core.

    The keynote speaker at the meeting was an INCREDIBLE Lady named Brooke Falgot. She is a True American Patriot. Fearless, raising SEVEN DAUGHTERS, (and home schooling all of them) she brings to the table an expose’ of Common Core unparalleled in current media. And she brings PROOF…she had two file boxes of solid DOCUMENTATION!

    She has contacted the press, television, radio, everyone…the response? Crickets.

    If you want to hear this AMAZING Woman, she will be at the Wow Wingery in Covington, La November 6. I didn’t get the time, but just go there around 5 and enjoy some of the fine cuisine till she shows up. But I suggest you wear some Soft shoes…what this Lady will show you will make your jaw drop so far you’ll be stepping on your own tongue.

    If Common Core Lives, Freedom Dies.

    1. Sounds good.  I hope reports like this keep coming in so i can shine a light on how dark the media continues to be on this issue.  It appears print media is actively striving to be a forgotten medium.  It’s about time I suppose, it’s not much better than papyrus, just thinner, less durable and filled with crappy ads.  I was good for lining bird cages though.

  3. The boycott idea is the ticket. Look at the way the capitalist community backed away from the American Legislative Exchange Council when the NAACP and others suggested they would boycott. Bridges between public education stakeholders need to be strengthened and a joint effort to stage a boycott would shake the new Advocate ownership. If stakeholders were, together, cancelled their subscriptions there’d be a reevaluation by a more astute owner.

    1. Ah!  You are just ahead of me.  🙂  I plan on promoting one for Exxon and the Advocate.  I hear John White is friends with Will Sentell, one of the Advocate’s chief education writers, and they have drinks and dinner together. Time for that cozy relationship to end.

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  4. Did you know that parents always have the right to refuse state testing for their children. That may be a boycott that can really throw a wrench in the works. They are field testing PARCC/CCSS stuff in the spring. That’d have some impact on how good a PARCC test they build, BUT what if a huge percentage of parents refused to allow the kids to take LEAP, iLEAP, EOC, ACT. It would cause a school’s score to go down, but actually the feds don’t allow schools to be evaluated if the kids didn’t test. Whitey’s minions snuck one by the feds in the ESEA waiver and said they’d be giving zeroes if a kid didn’t tests. Enough kids/parents refusing would have a marvelous impact.

  5. It’s not clear cut as to whether BR media (advocate, channel 2, and channel 9) are liberal/conservative, dem/repub (and why bother with such largely meaningless labels anyway), but anyone can see they are TOTALLY PRO-ESTABLISHMENT and this won’t change even as the public craves more independence and integrity in reporting. Very glad to have you and Aswell doing real journalism.


    I was interested in the rumor that White had asked the Advocate to look into property owners on Skipper Drive. So I did some ‘investigating’ myself… I emailed Faimon Roberts of the Advocate ( and he actually wrote me back!

    I axed him if it was true…his reply? “This is not at all true.”

    Take with an aspirin and a grain or two of Salt.

    1. But did you ask him if someone from the advocate was asking about it?  It’s unlikely White directly asked them to ask about it, but also likely whomever did was affiliated with White.  Someone identifying themselves from “the Advocate” was asking property owners about the yard sign rules for their subdivision.  Instead of covering the story behind the signs, they appear to be trying to create a story about whether the signs had a legal right to be there.  I still have not seen coverage of these signs in St Tammany or other parishes.  If you have please send me a link.

  7. This is the same problem the U.S. government is having with Republicans protesting Obamacare. Once a law has already been passed, it is unbelievably immature to keep complaining about it and trying to get rid of it. It only holds back the country. I get that people don’t like the new healthcare plan, but they need to get over it. The same goes for Common Core. The system has been passed, and it’s for the better that we have a more advanced, challenging curriculum for our students. My youngest son is learning so much more in school than my two older children did at his age. This curriculum is much better and more efficient as well. No large, heavy, redundant textbooks. All the material is in thin paperback workbooks. I guess Louisianans don’t like being held to such high educational standards. This new curriculum must be too much information for Tea-Baggers to learn. Get over it! The new system is here to stay, just like Obamacare!

    1. I do not recall passing a Common Core Bill, nor do i recall being asked to vote on it.  Common Core was not well documented when it was pre-approved by Louisiana, before it even existed.  the only immaturity I see are folks like you choosing to hurl insults and arguments like, “I said yes to it first, no takebacks infinity no to whatever you say” as a form of discourse and governing.  We have always repealed passed and repealed laws that were considered hastily constructed and ill advised.  We pass and repeal gun control laws, we pass and repeal laws on homosexuality, we pass and repeal/Amend Constitutional Amendments on Prohibition, and slavery.  Sometimes living in a Democracy means listening to the people, rather than single special interest groups, corporations, and slave owners. the curriculum was greased through the process by Gates money and it impacts children and our nation.  My children and my nation.  I don’t think its unreasonable to take a closer look at what was flown intentionally under the radar, and what is now impacted millions of children and families in negative ways.  Permit some of us our chance to speak and influence this system.  Your assurances notwithstanding that this is a “better” system carry little weight.  The material is currently all thin paperback workbooks because they rushed it through so fast textbooks were not even created to support it.  These are different educational standards, not all of them are higher, especially the math which is 2 years behind what we were teaching prior.  Children not prepared for calculus level courses in high school will not be ready for Science Technology Engineering and Math.  They will be able to write sentences about the emotions they are feeling while they are taking their remedial math courses in College, before giving up for something more technical college appropriate.  Incidentally, I am not a “tea-bagger.”  Obamacare actually does have some significant flaws. In many ways it does not go far enough so many folks will still be uninsured, and some folks will lose their current coverage and be unable to purchase coverage even with the available subsidies. Unfortunately many folks spent time making up stories about death panels and insurance rates that were going to be 10 times what people were paying before, instead of focusing in on the real issues we are seeing unfold before our eyes.

      1. I never said anything to the effect of “no take backs.” I was saying that sometimes it’s necessary to just compromise and accept that no one is going to like every system implemented by the government. Personally, I believe education should be an issue dealt with by the states, so of course I would always prefer a curriculum not nationally mandated, but I looked at the Common Core information available online and my youngest child’s workbooks this year and accepted that, even though I’d prefer not to have a nationwide curriculum, Common Core isn’t that bad. I don’t mind taking a closer look, and I certainly don’t mind hearing what CC opponents have to say, but what annoys me is when my friends flood my inbox with crazy Tea Party conspiracy theories about Common Core. I’m glad you realize that the Tea Party makes up crazy stories and these get in the way of settling the real issues. The Tea Party is the reason why I have taken every negative thing I hear about Common Core with a grain of salt.

        1. Actually you said “Once a law has already been passed, it is unbelievably immature to keep complaining about it and trying to get rid of it. It only holds back the country”

          I made a point of pointing out this was actually an immature argument by mocking it with similar child logic, People have every right to oppose and reject a law once they understand the ramifications. Maturity, or lack thereof is in your argument. You are upset about how the tea party shut down the government, the dozens of pointless votes to defund the law and how they handled Obamacare. I get that and I share your frustration.
          However, this is not the same thing, and people are mobilizing to contact their legislators of both parties and many different political stripes to oppose this federal education takeover. Perhaps if we’d had less grandstanding we might have had more effective criticism that would have revealed the poor preparations, the misleading statements about keeping your own policy, the potential for increases, the implications of many governors rejecting the Medicaid expansion.

          Because you are in favor of what you have seen for one child in a few months you are rejecting the experiences and problems of millions of parents and students out of hand, with a “what’s done is done.” argument. If this was harmful to your child, making them cry every night and nonsensical to you and your children’s teachers, would you take that same cavalier attitude? I would hope not.

          I do not seek to promote and try to discourage the crazy stories to get to the core issues, which I believe are significant. I was turned off by the rhetoric against Obamacare and the easily disproven claims of the Palins and ilk and so because their lies were so big, I felt allowing the Obamanites a shot at tackling this problem was the way to go since they were being more honest. However, just because they were more honest, does not mean the law was a good one, nor that a credible critique of the healthcare overhaul was not warranted. Death Panel propaganda sucked all the air out of the room. I’m trying not to have that happen with Communist Core. 🙂 I think there are very valid points of contention, I believe the hyperbole might drive off folks like you who might be open to discourse on the subject.

          1. I fail to see how the comment was immature, nor do I see how “mocking” my point with “another immature argument” furthers this discussion. If you want to have a discussion about the merits and flaws of the new COMMON Core standards, let’s do so without the personal attacks. I’m glad to see we’ve found some common ground, though. I don’t want to get into a long debate in the comments section of this article, but you are welcome to contact me and I would be more than willing to read what your problems are with the new curriculum, other than that it takes a non-conventional method of explaining math which some children may not understand. The important thing for us all to remember is that there are folks on both sides who fog up every debate with non-sense fabricated for the purpose of creating unnecessary tension and polarization between both sides.

              1. Okay. I will be glad to look at your homework and address any concerns you have, but wouldn’t it be much easier to ask your teacher to tutor you in math if you don’t understand the methods CC uses on your math homework than to do all this protesting? I’m open to any legitimate concerns you have about the curriculum, but doesn’t it seem just a tad silly to complain about Common Core because you don’t understand the material? Not trying to mock your posts as you did mine, but I’m just trying to understand why there is so much objection to the new system. Everything complaint I read online is either false, immature, or unrelated to Common Core. For example, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a photo of her son’s “Common Core math homework,” which was a workbook page published by Evan-Moor that asked students to read an article on the pros and cons of GMOs and identify the grammar, usage, and mechanics errors in the passage. Apparently, she thought this was an attempt by “Common Core and Obama” to indoctrinate students to support GMOs, and also ridiculed the “errors” the writers made, completely oblivious to the directions at the top of the page to identify the errors. Again, I’m totally open to legitimate complaints, but I’ve yet to see any. Anyway, I promised I wouldn’t turn the comments section of your article into a huge debate field, so I think you should have my email address submitted along with this comment. Email me if you want!

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