Friday Story Time: Deconstructing the Cycle of Reformy Awesomeness

Friday Story Time: Deconstructing the Cycle of Reformy Awesomeness

The awesomeness found in Newark NJ is the same brand of Awesomeness found in our New Orleans charters like Sci Academy. To keep us from truly how awesome charter schools are, Louisiana hides their data scrupulously and only realeases positive percentage based metrics or meaningless scores chocked full of bonus point goodness (like our latest SPS scores) to delude the easily deluded public. There will be “much rejoicing” in New Orleans, based on completely bogus unverifiable claims. What we can verify is LDOE needed to add random bonus points to keep schools from declining. I suppose its a good thing we don’t actually care about kids, and just what LDOE tells us about our kids. A lot of people make money that way, so that must be good, right?

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Once upon a time, there was this totally awesome charter school in Newark, NJ. It was a charter school so awesome that its leaders and founders and all of their close friends decided they must share their miracle with the world in books on the reasons for their awesomeness, including being driven by data andteaching like a champion!

The school’s break-the-mold – beating the odds – disruptively innovative awesomeness was particularly important during this critical time of utter collapse of the American education system which had undoubtedly been caused by corrupt self-interested public school teachers (& their unions) who had been uniformly ill-trained by antiquated colleges and universities that themselves were corrupt and self-interested and generally in the business of selling worthless graduate degrees.

In fact, the undisputed awesomeness of this North Star Academy could, in theory, provide the foundation for a whole new approach to turning…

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2013 Louisiana School Letter Grades: Recovery School District Gains Nothing

SPS scores are out and they are bogus. I’ve actually heard reports they believe their own lies now and think they are actually helping children. That’s what happens when you completely surround yourself with lies and illusions, you lose the ability to tell the difference.

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On October 23, 2013, John White released the long-awaited, capriciously calculated 2013 Louisiana school performance scores (SPS) and letter grades. In this “official” LDOE graphic, he attempts to sell the public on the “new,” “simpler” SPS/ letter grade formula and “easy to understand scale”, all the while maintaining that this latest attempt to label Louisiana education is “aligned with higher standards to ensure postsecondary success.”  Now, there is no evidence that such a statement has been tested, but this is the era of Untested Yet Boldly Proclaimed Reformer Smoke, so, it must be true.

In well-trained reformer fashion, John White is careful not to openly release any raw data by which third parties might examine formulas and verify calculations. In fact, the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge recently ruled that John White gets to withhold or release LDOE data at will.

Nevertheless, in this 2013 spreadsheet of SPS scores, I found…

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